A Comtrend exclusive benefit; plug and play wireless extension with select gateways and access points.



    Comtrend Introduces New Telco- Specific Technologies Designed for Service Providers

    Comtrend’s new WifiXtend™ technology and Telco-Grade TR-069 Wireless Access Points allow Service Providers to build manageable, high-performance wireless networks faster than ever.



    Introducing WifiXtend™

    For many years, Service Providers have been forced to deal with retail gateway’s wireless issues that are beyond their control to prevent. Comtrend has turned that around.

    Service Providers are the #1 source of broadband gateways, and herein lies the solution. Service Providers who offer the latest Comtrend gateways will have the unique ability to deliver a touch-free, no-pairing-needed access point to their customer. Once the access point is connected to the gateway,  it will auto-detect the primary SSID and password. The users’ network is expanded instantly. No pairing/No kidding.

    Contact your Account Manager for further details. If you are a customer today and would like to join the EAP,  please contact us at ComtrendConnection@Comtrend.com.