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A Mesh-Enhanced WiFi System consisting of hardware, software, and a Mobile App that helps keep your subscribers better connected.

WIFIXTEND2.0 Key Benefits

Wall-to-Wall Coverage

It starts with a telco-grade Comtrend gateway. When additional coverage is needed, Powerline Adapters and Extenders are used to bring connectivity in hard-to-reach locations.

Connection On the Go

With Mesh features like adaptive roaming, WiFi devices are continuously connected to the strongest signal–no matter where the subscriber is in the home!

Simplified Connectivity

The SSID/Password automatically becomes unified under one network per band. Better yet, it will extend any changes to the WiFi settings.

How It Works

Traditional WiFi which clings to a weak WiFi signal as your customers move around the home. WithWith WifiXtend2.0’s new Adaptive Roaming technology, wireless devices will automatically connect to the strongest WiFi signal giving your customers a continuously strong connection.

New Consumer-Help Mobile APP!

Now available on select CPE

  • Setup Guide: Quickly setup WiFi Extender pairing with an easily-to-follow guide

  • Location Finder: Know the best location to place the WiFi Extender 

  • Wireless Settings: Easily change wireless settings including the network name and password.

The WifiXtend APP provides a simple way for end users to manage their own network, resulting in less support calls to CSPs.

AutoXtend Key Benefits

Service Provider Features
Custom code features that increase ease of installation.

Admin Sync

Syncs the administrator login username and password allowing for a deeply custom environment without the hassle of custom code for each device.


The SSID/Password settings are continuously propagated with any changes your end user may make.

TR-069 Sync

Instantaneously uploads TR69 CPE into your ACS of choice by syncing the TR-069/STUN settings.

G.hn Sync

Syncs G.hn domain and password over multiple mediums (Powerline, Coax) for automatic pairing.

Part of Comtrend's

Mix & Match Modularity Solution

Comtrend offers a growing list of enhancements, from software integrations that boost functionality, to home networking expansion hardware that fits your customers’ needs. We are dedicated to creating open solutions tailored to you.

Interested in learning more?
Leave us a message!

Interested in learning more?

Leave us a message!

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