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Technology Spotlight

Fiber ONT

Explore the new 10G XGS-PON ONTs. Learn how this innovative solution, in partnership with TiBit, supports a lower-cost, open-architecture option to bring 10G XGS-PON to your customers.

WiFi 6

Curious about WiFi 6? It’s coming sooner than you think. Discover Comtrend’s diverse lineup of WiFi 6 Gateways and find out more about the next step in WiFi. Wave 2

Explore the newest powerline technology in the world. Comtrend’s extensive Wave 2 lineup dives into the next generation with innovative integrations.

WiFiXtend 2.0

Fulfill your customers’ need for a continuously¬† strong wireless connection as they move about their home with Comtrend’s Mesh-Enhanced WiFi System!

New Technology Gallery Wave 2 Powerline Adapter with PoE


Fiber ONTs

GRG-4283 & GRG-4286 Wave 2 Powerline Adapter Pass-Through


WiFi 6 Fiber-Ready Ethernet Gateway

PRT-6301 Wave 2 Powerline Adapter with an
integrated 4-Port Switch


WiFi 6 A/VDSL2 Gateway for Service Providers


Comtrend's Mesh-Enhanced WiFi System

WiFI 6 AVDSL Bonded Gateway


WiFi 6: The Next Generation in Wireless Technology