Have you received government subsidies from FCC Programs (e.g. CAF, RDOF, ACAM) to provide broadband in high-cost areas?

We can help you with the required performance testing and reporting!

Our Solutions

We offer three options to help Service Providers achieve and maintain FCC compliance.

Our Current Solutions:

  • Integrated solutions within the Comtrend CPE. No expensive, intrusive white box needed
  • Generate needed reports that meet FCC requirements
  • Provide end-to-end performance testing

Option 1

Comtrend's Partnership with NISC USS

Option 2

Comtrend's ACS 3.1

Option 3

Comtrend's Partnership with Fine Point ACS

Solution Overview

NISCs USS Solution

NISC USS includes a fully turnkey FCC compliance solution- no additional costs!

Comtrend ACS Solution

Comtrend’s FCC compliance solution can be used separately or with ACS at additional cost.

Fine Point Mountain View

FinePoint’s robust ACS offers a separate CAF Compliance Module.



NISC USS is a comprehensive solution for those wanting a powerful ACS and turnkey CAF/FCC compliance. It enables full life cycle management for WiFi and Internet Services and includes an all-in-one FCC compliance testing and reporting.

FCC Compliance

  • Select and schedule either FCC official runs or non-FCC testing runs for speed or for latency
  • Speed tests are automatically performed hourly, during specified testing hours
  • Latency tests are scheduled separately on the Latency Test Start Date, and performed every minute during specified hours
  • Both test scripts automatically handle traffic level exceptions and retry attempts
  • Monitoring status is available in real time on the reporting dashboard, with automatic refresh, that shows pass/fail results in tabular and visual form

ACS Functionality

A powerfully integrated ACS solution that maximize efficiencies and enhances the customer experience.

4 Intentional Interfaces

  • User Services Manager: Remote Device Management Server & Administrative and Operation Functions

  • User Services Care: Powerful Tools to Quickly Resolve Trouble Calls

  • User Services Insights: Universal Tool to Better Understand Your Customers & Network

  • SmartHub WiFi: Intuitive Web & Mobile Applications for Customer Self-Care

Key Benefits

  • Easy customizations: Able to meet the ISP’s unique requirements via an open system.

  • Covers the Whole Home: Ensures a good customer experience to the edge of the home by also managing Apps and WiFi Extenders.

  • Reporting and Analytics: Easily monitor the system and devices via unmatched preconfigured reports.

  • Built for Integration: Flexible platform usage with APIs of your choice.

Comtrend ACS

Comtrend ACS is a low-cost solution for customers wanting an FCC compliance solution and are interested in an ACS. This is an easy option for current Comtrend ACS customers.

  • Time scheduling options
  • Pre-test options enable performance testing cycles
  • Dedicated resource to easily guide you through the performance testing process

ACS Functionality

Comtrend’s enhanced ACS not only includes all standard provisioning functionality, but goes further to add new benefits:

  • Customer Service Representative (CSR) Dashboard
  • HARMONY G.hn Powerline Diagnostic Integration
  • Graphical Topology of a Home Network
  • Graphical Performance Measurements of Individual Network Segments

Visibility into Home Networking issues

CSRs can see the entire home network topology in one glance and update it with the click of a button

Connection Quality

Each connection point is measured separately to quickly spot and resolve problems.



Fine Point’s MountainView solution is a low-cost CAF testing solution with advanced ACS analytics benefits. This is an easy option for current Fine Point ACS customers and a good solution for customers interested in an ACS.

  • Time scheduling options
  • Pre-test options enable performance testing, review, and corrective action ahead of official CAF testing cycles
  • Ability to choose the remote server that’s the right fit for you


ACS Functionality

A Comtrend Gateway combined with Fine Point’s MountainView™ enables unique tools to proactively identify consumer trends, up-sell customers who need more bandwidth, remotely troubleshoot WiFi issues, and much more.

  • Creates visibility into the home network
  • Provides analytical data
  • Offers data for focused Sales/Marketing
  • Enables “Virtual Truck Rolls”

Speed Test

Determine if the problem lies within the broadband network or the home.

Interference Tool

Identify the possible interference suspects that can slow down WiFi.


TR-143 is the widely accepted industry standard for measuring broadband performance at the customer premises.

With TR-143 you can comply with FCC requirements via existing network management tools and systems, such as an ACS.

Comtrend’s latest-generation Gateway offerings support TR-143 for use with any ACS.

About CAF Testing: What You Need to Know

NOTE: Many elements of the Connect America Fund (CAF) process are under constant development by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and may change without notice. Final authority on CAF matters resides exclusively with the FCC; please consult with the FCC for all regulatory and legal concerns. Comtrend has no legal authority or standing on FCC compliance and/or programs.

Start Date

Data must be collected starting Q1 2020 and reported to the FCC annually starting on July 1st, 2021


Data must be sampled for 7 consecutive days per quarter.

Download & Upload Speeds

At least 80% of download and upload speed measurements must hit 80% of the FCC required rate.


At least 80% of download and upload speed measurements must hit 80% of the FCC required rate.

Time of Day

Data must be collected starting Q1 2020 and reported to the FCC annually starting on July 1st, 2021


Download and upload speeds to be measured hourly, and latency every minute for the duration of the test period.

Network Path

Traffic from Test Devices MUST pass through 1 of 16 FCC designated IXP points.

Sample Size

Sample size requirements are based on the number of CAF subsidized subscribers in each speed tier offered in each census block.

Part of Comtrend's

Mix & Match Modularity Solution

Comtrend offers a growing list of enhancements, from software integrations that boost functionality, to home networking expansion hardware that fits your customers’ needs. We are dedicated to creating open solutions tailored to you.

Interested in learning more?

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Interested in learning more?

Leave us a message!

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