Powerline Brings Internet to Every Electrical Outlet

Powerline Adapters make it possible to achieve the speed and security of a wired connection anywhere in the home, without the messy additional wiring. Using the existing electrical wires in the home, Powerline transforms every outlet into an Internet Access Point.

A G.hn Powerline Network

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A Powerline network requires two or more Powerline Adapters.
One Adapter is connected to the router, and the other Adapters are placed where you need to:


Bring a secure, wired Ethernet connection to remote rooms
within the home/office via the electrical wiring.

G.hn Powerline

Connect Image_v2


When Wireless connectivity is necessary, extend coverage to any room within the home/office via the electrical wiring.

G.hn Powerline with WiFi

Boost Image_v2


Deliver data connectivity and power via PoE (Power over Ethernet) to hard-to-reach locations via the electrical wiring.

G.hn Powerline with PoE

Extend Image

G.hn is the Superior Powerline Option

Older Powerline technology could not reliably cross electrical phases which resulted in poor performance.
G.hn, through the use of new technologies and standards, is able to achieve better real world performance.

Advantages of G.hn Powerline

G.hn HPAV Comparison Table

Reliably Crosses Electrical Phases

Crosses Phases Simple Deployment Diagram_v2

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Winning with G.hn

Case Studies



HORIZON TELECOM: Easier & Less Expensive IPTV Deployments

“We needed a way to speed up our IPTV deployments. Comtrend’s PG-9172 Powerline Adapters accomplished that and so much more. We simply plug them in and they just work."

Misty Tuttle
Horizon Telcom | Sales & Marketing Manager




EOS DIGITAL SERVICE: Streamlining Camera Installs

"The Comtrend PG-9172PoE is one of those products we wish we could have found much earlier. It has truly made our jobs easier and we commend Comtrend..."

Ilan Saadia | EOS Digital Services

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