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Introducing: Powerline Wave 2

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PG9182pt Wave 2 achieves next generation speeds of up to 2000Mbps. With new Quick Noise Adaptation (QNA) technology, Wave 2 offers 5x faster noise detection for better performance via lower latency for jitter-sensitive applications.

Powerline Brings Internet to Every Electrical Outlet

Powerline Adapters make it possible to achieve the speed and security of a wired connection anywhere in the home, without the messy additional wiring. Using the existing electrical wires in the home, Powerline transforms every outlet into an Internet Access Point.

A Powerline Network

Comtrend PowerLine Graphic 03-09-17_3

A Powerline network requires two or more Powerline Adapters.
One Adapter is connected to the router, and the other Adapters are placed where you need to:


Bring a secure, wired Ethernet connection to remote rooms
within the home/office via the electrical wiring. Powerline

Connect Image_v2


When Wireless connectivity is necessary, extend coverage to any room within the home/office via the electrical wiring. Powerline with WiFi

Boost Image_v2


Deliver data connectivity and power via PoE (Power over Ethernet) to hard-to-reach locations via the electrical wiring. Powerline with PoE

Extend Image is the Superior Powerline Option

Older Powerline technology could not reliably cross electrical phases which resulted in poor performance., through the use of new technologies and standards, is able to achieve better real world performance.

Advantages of Powerline HPAV Comparison Table

Reliably Crosses Electrical Phases

Crosses Phases Simple Deployment Diagram_v2

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HORIZON TELECOM: Easier & Less Expensive IPTV Deployments

“We needed a way to speed up our IPTV deployments. Comtrend’s PG-9172 Powerline Adapters accomplished that and so much more. We simply plug them in and they just work."

Misty Tuttle
Horizon Telcom | Sales & Marketing Manager




EOS DIGITAL SERVICE: Streamlining Camera Installs

"The Comtrend PG-9172PoE is one of those products we wish we could have found much earlier. It has truly made our jobs easier and we commend Comtrend..."

Ilan Saadia | EOS Digital Services

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How far can Powerline reach?

· Powerline can reach up to 600 linear feet of power cable depending on the environment.

Can Powerline cross phases?

·         Yes, compared to older HPAV SISO technology, which did not cross phases, uses MIMO technology to cross phases efficiently.

·         Though HPAV2 MIMO also allows you to cross phases, plus LDPC/FEC Error Correction technology maximizes real world performance  across electrical phases.

Can Powerline cross breaker panels?

·         Yes it can cross breaker panels, but there is going to be a significant drop in performance.

What kind of performance can Powerline achieve?

·         Max PHY date rate (maximum theoretical throughput) = 1000Mbps (1Gbps)

·         Max Net data rate (available for applications in ideal conditions) = 500Mbps

·         Guaranteed data rate (available in 90% of cases)= 60Mbps

·         No Ground Wire= up to 80Mbps.

·         You can still cross phases without a ground wire, but there is a substantial drop in performance.

·        This will be more evident if the devices are on opposing phases and the starting performance is already at 80Mbps.

·         The greater the distance the lower the signal strength and a reduction in speed/performance can be anticipated.

How do Coax speeds compare to Powerline speeds?

·         Comtrend’s GCA-6000 Coax Adapter will outperform Comtrend’s Power Grid Adapters when deployed on unused Coax.

·         Although you will still have a maximum performance of 600Mbps, the overall range is much farther.

·         Additionally, interference on an unused Coaxial line is likely to be much lower and much more predictable.

·         At extreme distances of 4,500 feet, the GCA-6000 can deliver 100Mbps.

Does help with latency?

·         Yes, low latency is a benefit of was designed to make the transmission of video packets as “efficient” as possible. In addition to leveraging technology such as FEC, uses a technique where transmission timeslots are reserved before packets are sent, providing guaranteed bandwidth for QoS-sensitive applications such as video. Whereas in older technology, packets collide creating latency, jitter, and packet loss, all requiring retransmission, resulting in lower video performance (this is similar to the benefits of TDMA over CSMA technology).

·’s paradigm allows video transmissions to be sent accurately the first time to ensure a high quality video experience versus the lag that occurs in video if Signals are retransmitted multiple times (which is acceptable for transmission of data).

Can Powerline perform in older homes?

·         You can still get great performance on an old wire, depending on the environment.

·         If the wire is damaged or not up to “code,” it would be impossible to give an estimate on the performance across that power grid.

Can Powerline work in apartments?

·         Yes, but securing the devices is recommended. Node limit may still apply, depending on the design.

· has innate architectural benefits related to reducing the impact of interference particularly when there are other competing transmission technologies within a single electrical transformer (there can be multiple homes within a single transformer).

·         Powerline interference can occur within this neighborhood of closely grouped single family homes, but is especially troublesome in living areas that are separated electrically only by an electric meter. (eg. in Apartments, Office Buildings, Condos, Hotels, Dormitories, etc.).

·         While “Neighbor Network” environments have become a challenge for other Powerline technologies, algorithms isolate neighboring networks achieving xN performance (where N is the number of neighbors) over current Powerline technologies.

Will Powerline work with just a two (ungrounded) prong power grid?

·         Yes, Powerline will work with just two prong power grids, but you will not get the best performance available. If there is no ground wire, you can expect up to 80Mbps of performance.

Are you able to see the link rates of the Powerline?

·         Yes, if you login to the UI you can see the Phy Rate (image below).

Screenshot 2019-02-12 16.04.08

Through the Powerline User Interface you can perform the following actions.

·         Reboot the unit

·         Check the Ethernet (LAN) interface connection speed, duplex, MAC, enable/disable

·         Pull the statistics for the Powerline Adapter that is connected to the Gateway and see what the link rates of the other Powerline Adapters are to this device

·         Identify if one adapter is having pixilation/slow throughput

·         Check the performance on links

·         Ping diagnostics

Can the solution work in a commercial business environment?

·         Yes, the technology can be used in either a residential or commercial environment and can support up to 16 nodes within a network.

·'s industry-leading noise cancellation technology can filter out most interference generated by commercial machines.

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