PG-9172PoE: 1200Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter with PoE

Data and power are as close as the nearest electrical outlet. Comtrend’s PG-9172PoE is a powerline device with the added benefit of Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity. Using existing electrical wiring and powerline technology, you can get data and power connectivity to hard to reach locations without the expensive installation of Ethernet (CAT5e/6) cables. Easily add on to or create your Powerline Network-connect up to 16 Powerline Adapters. KEY BENEFITS Reduces Installation Time & Cost Powerline uses an electrical line, reducing the need for long distance Ethernet cables Simplifies Deployment of PoE Enabled Devices Eliminates the need to install high voltage outlets PG-9172PoE-(BOTTOM)PG-9172PoE-(PROFILE-RIGHT)PG-9172PoE-(PROFILE-LEFT) Comtrend's GHn Powerline Expands Your Network Comtrend's GHn Powerline helps you easily expand your network. Every outlet in your home can now offer Ethernet, Wireless, and Power over Ethernet. While older Powerline technology had shortcomings, the new, ground-breaking GHn standard utilizes the latest technology to deliver reliable, secure performance. Visit for more information! Comtrend Tech Tips: Pairing Wave 1 Powerline Adapters In this Tech Tip, Sarah shows the basics on how to pair and encrypt two of Comtrend's Powerline Adapters. Comtrend Tech Tips: Troubleshooting Wave 1 Powerline Adapters In this Comtrend Tech Tip video, Sarah explains the meaning of the front indicators as well as how to resolve some potential issues when pairing and securing Powerline Adapters.