ACS 3.5

The ACS Designed For By Service Providers

Comtrend’s ACS 3.0 is the next generation of a TR-069-based, service-provider designed solution.

Comtrend's newest ACS update includes new, customer-requested features and functionality.

  • Service Providers can now leverage detailed data to proactively solve customer support issues.
  • Network planners and engineers, customers service representatives, marketers, and general managers can all gain meaningful insights int the customer’s home network.

New Features

ACS 3.0 New Customer Support Representative Portal

New, Intuitive Customer Support Representative Portal

Insight into the subscribers home

Enhanced Insights Into the Subscriber's Home Network

increased visibility to quickly solve support issues

Increased Visibility to Quickly Solve Support Issues

Enhanced ACS

Take Your ACS to the next level with our newest modules.

  • Interested in Advanced Reporting?
  • Are you a CAF II participant looking for new options?

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ACS 3.1

Reboot Gateway
Select model, model information, and statistics (i.e. how many models are in the field, how many are connected, what firmware they have, etc.)
Device group configuration and firmware assignments
Export device ID list, device status, download log
Global search/global summary; oversee everything in the field
Auto provision (auto activation)
Batch add/edit/delete/copy devices
Configure status alerts (i.e. too many errors, below a certain speed)
Comprehensive help-desk GUI; a summary page of key information about a device in an easy to read format
Device reporting for devices that have not connected in "x" amount of days
Dedicated customer service dashboard that will display vital information for support calls (Gateway, Remote Access Points, Connected Devices, and RSSI of client devices)
Speed tests from Gateway WAN to Internet, from Gateway to Node, and Node to Remote Device Connection rate (i.e. display connection speed between nodes within the local network)
Advanced Reporting Module (Additional Charge)
CAF II Reporting Module (Additional Charge)
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Mix & Match Modularity Solution

Comtrend offers a growing list of enhancements, from software integrations that boost functionality, to home networking expansion hardware that fits your customers’ needs. We are dedicated to creating open solutions tailored to you.

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