WiFi 6 is Here. Are You Ready?

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WiFi 6 improves your customers' frustrating WiFi experiences and security concerns.

The Number of Devices Per Household is Skyrocketing

The number of connected devices in the home was increasing just as people added strain to home WiFi with even more work-at-home and video streaming activities. WiFi 6 is specifically-designed to address the issues of device-packed homes.

WiFi 6 Solves Overall Frustrating WiFi Experiences Such as:

  • Slow WiFi Speeds
  • Poor WiFi Coverage
  • WiFi Connectivity Lapses

WiFi 6 Improves Security Concerns Such as:

  • Data theft over home WiFi network
  • Hackers have access to more devices
WiFi 6 Less Congestion

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Reduce Support Calls with WiFi 6

Improves throughput even in real-world busy environments for less lag and buffer times.

Connects MORE devices simultaneously without a reduction in performance.

Increases coverage to solve WiFi dead zones.

Enhances security via WPA3 and allows easier onboarding of IoT devices with Easy Connect.

Value-Add Services

Now is the time to deliver the ultimate WiFi connectivity experience to subscribers while also generating new streams of revenue. Comtrend’s WiFi 6 gateways support a growing list of value-add services.

Unmatched Parental Controls

Advanced Managed WiFi

ACS Solutions
Proactive Network Monitoring & Support

Comtrend’s Comprehensive WiFi 6 Lineup


Ethernet Gateway
WiFi 6 AX5400
Samples Available


Ethernet Gateway
WiFi 6 AX6000
Samples Available


A/VDSL Bonded Gateway
WiFi 6 AX6000
Samples Available


A/VDSL Gateway
WiFi 6 AX5400
Samples Available


WiFi Extender
WiFi 6 AX4200
Coming Soon

WiFi 6 FAQ

What will End Users notice?

End users will enjoy faster speeds on busy networks. Since WiFi 6 is still very new, end users will not be able to take advantage of the benefits of a WiFi 6 Gateway until their devices are also WiFi 6-enabled. This includes phones, laptops, etc.

What does it mean for the Service provider?

While there is no quick, universal adoption coming, you have time to transition to a WiFi 6 Gateway before mainstream usage. Ideally, Service Providers should stay ahead of home and business customers, first with information, then with appropriate changes to the network or, in this case, the Gateway.

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What You Should Know

There is a new standard in WiFi called WiFi 6. It aims to not only boost WiFi speeds for end users, but also improve the way the WiFi networks function by adding substantially higher capacity, better coverage and reducing congestion to deliver a better user experience.

Key Benefits

Increase Efficiency

with OFDMA

Orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) enables users to simultaneously operate in the same channel and therefore improves efficiency, latency, and throughput.

Optimize Coverage

with Transmit Beamforming

Transmit beamforming improves signal power resulting in significantly higher rates at a given range.

More Data Packets Per Symbol

with 1024-QAM

1024 quadrature amplitude modulation mode (1024-QAM) enables throughput increases by as much as 25% over WiFi 5.

Connect More Devices Simultaneously


Multi-user multiple input, multiple output (MU-MIMO) allows more data to be transferred at once and enables an access point to handle a larger number of concurrent clients.

Reduce Power Consumption

With Target Wake Time

Target Wake Time (TWT) allows for resource scheduling which significantly improves device battery life.

Interested in learning more?

Leave us a message!

Interested in learning more?

Leave us a message!