Comtrend Gateway + Fine Point's MountainView

MountainView™ is a JAVA based TR-069 ACS that can support a scale of over 1 million devices per server.

Do More with the Information You Already Have

A Comtrend Gateway combined with Fine Point’s MountainView™ enables unique tools to proactively identify consumer trends, upsell customers who need more bandwidth, remotely troubleshoot Wireless issues, and much more. This data becomes a powerful tool for visibility into consumer trends that allows you to make better, more informed decisions about the future of your business.


GROW Your Business

Upsell bandwidth to those that need it.

Identify low coverage environments that could benefit from additional hardware.

Identify the top candidate for monitoring the wireless user experience as a service.


REDUCE Your Cost

Graphically identify top users per location for infrastructure expansion.

Automatically suspend and restore services with a landing page.

Reduce truck rolls with remote wireless troubleshooting tools.

Beyond the Role of an ACS

Identify the Top Candidates to Upsell Bandwidth.

Know which customers need more bandwidth.

Example: 45% or our customers hit a bandwidth cap1x/day.
UPSELL them to the GOLD PLAN, $8 increase.

Geographically Identify and Analyze Usage Trends of Devices with the Home.

View Usage trends of a geographical location to determine better, more informed infrastructure expansion plans.

Identify the Top Candidates that Need their Wireless Network Monitored.

Identify which customers need their Wireless experience monitored as a service.

Example: A customer has 14 device sin the home and needs multiple wireless network devices installed and managed to establish a reliable connection fro a superior Wireless experience

MountainView™ performs the traditional roles of an ACS including firmware management, zero-touch provisioning, bulk operations as well as providing valuable data to increase revenue and improve experience quality.

View the physical link status
Verify the Quality of Experience to the subscriber
Verify that subscribed services are being delivered
Use the one-click suspension of accounts for non payment or other reasons.
Multi-service provisioning and diagnostics
RF interference level and historic values
WiFi signal level to each device and historic values
Verify connectivity to each device
Upstream/downstream data consumed of each device
Disable individual LAN-side devices
Personalize home network devices
Part of Comtrend's

Mix & Match Modularity Solution

Comtrend offers a growing list of enhancements, from software integrations that boost functionality, to home networking expansion hardware that fits your customers’ needs. We are dedicated to creating open solutions tailored to you.

Interested in learning more?

Leave us a message!

Interested in learning more?

Leave us a message!

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