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HARMONY (Black on White)
Wired Meets Wireless

G.hn Powerline

G.hn Ethernet

Fast, Secure Wired Backhaul

Utilizes the existing electrical wiring to bring Wireless to remote locations.

G.hn Through Walls

Improved Performance

Goes through & across walls, uninterrupted for improved, and more reliable Wireless performance.

G.hn New Standard

The New Standard in Powerline

Utilizes new technologies and standards to achieve better real world performance. Learn More

Mesh-Enhanced WiFi

G.hn Hard to Reach

Adaptive Roaming

WiFi devices are connected to the Mesh Point with the Strongest Signal.

G.hn Add New

Self Configuration

Automatically becomes one SSID/Password per band and continuously extends changes to the WiFi settings.

HARMONY Mobile App Icon

Customer Self-Help App [COMING SOON]

Customers can manage their own networks, resulting in fewer support calls.

Service Providers report "Wireless Issues" remain the #1 Support Call issue.

This has led to the rise of Managed Wireless.

HARMONY Makes Offering a Managed WiFi Solution Easy

Screenshot 2018-08-14 14.40.20

As a working definition, Managed Wireless is an additional service, beyond Internet Access.  It is when the Service Provider takes responsibility of their customer’s satisfaction of Wireless Internet at the customer’s premises.

Today’s commercial solutions are many- but share similar pitfalls:

1) Expensive!  Often these require 3-6 units in the starter bundle- no ‘grow as needed’ option.

2) They cannot use the Service Provider’s gateway, and therefore competes with its wireless…usually requiring its wireless to be disabled.

3) They carry no TR-069 capabilities; they are not Telco Grade.

4) 100% Wireless – Using more wireless to overcome wireless issues.

Comtrend’s HARMONY answers all of these.


Utilizes the Existing, Telco-Grade Gateway

Service Provider’s deploy a Comtrend Gateway, a standard practice since 2002. This integrated, HARMONY-enabled Gateway (many already deployed and require just a software upgrade) is the #1 Powerful Mesh Point in the smart HARMONY network.  This is your TR-069 enabled, Telco Grade Gateway.

HARMONY Graphic 2

Offers a Wired Backhaul Option

Today, HARMONY is unique in offering a G.hn Powerline option as a Mesh Point.

Unlike solutions that use Wireless as the backhaul, such as common tri-band, G.hn Powerline uses the electrical lines as the backhaul for a secure and fast, wired connection.

G.hn Powerline goes through and across walls and breaks physical barriers that can hinder a purely Wireless solution. The Powerline plus Wireless combination offer Service Providers and installers an innovative alternative to today’s often problematic Wireless architecture.

G.hn Through Walls

How do I find out more AND get this solution for my customers?

Contact your Comtrend Account Representative, or send your inquiry to ComtrendConnection@Comtrend.com


Screenshot 2018-08-14 14.47.57

A smart network is completed with only two access points- and can be grown as needed.


How Easy is it to Set Up?

Once the Mesh Points are paired and placed in their locations, HARMONY automatically becomes one SSID/Password per band for one unified network.

Screenshot 2018-08-14 17.05.58


How Does HARMONY work?

There are three main features to keep everyone connected when moving throughout the home:

ADAPTIVE ROAMING: WiFi devices are always connected to the Mesh Point with the Strongest Signal.

GROW AS NEEDED:  New Mesh Points are automatically added to the network.

SELF-CONFIGURATION: The network continuously extends changes to the WiFi settings.


The Customer SELF-HELP Mobile App:

Customers are getting savvy; the more they can do on their own, the fewer calls you receive.

  • Change Passwords
  • Create Guest Network
  • View Which Client Devices are Connected to Which Mesh Points
  • Set the Client Device Name
  • Turn off/on WiFi Access for Individual Users


Request Your HARMONY Evaluation Kit

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