GS-7605: 5-Port PoE Gigabit Ethernet Smart-Lite Switch

[4 PoE Ports + 1 Gigabit Port] | 5-Port PoE Gigabit Ethernet Smart-Lite Switch
Comtrend’s GS-7605 5-Port PoE Smart-Lite Gigabit Ethernet Switch offers the performance of business-class networking in a cost-effective solution. The GS-7605 features effective management such as remote network monitoring, traffic prioritization, and VLAN features. Additionally, the GS-7605 features PoE for the added benefit of powering wireless access points, IP cameras, and VoIP phones. The GS-7605 is ideal for the business looking for simple management in deployments of high bandwidth video and network services. KEY BENEFITS Simplified Troubleshooting with Port-Mirroring: Sends a copy of all network packets from any selected port(s) to another port so data can be easily analyzed. Connect Multiple High-Powered Devices: Supplies up to 30 watts of power per port. The 65 watts total power budget ensures you always have enough power. Monitor your Network Remotely: Remotely disable and enable individual ports to reboot your PoE devices. PoE Auto Detection: Supply only the required amount of power, and allow more efficient use of power resources.
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