Comtrend, a leading provider of networking equipment for over 30 years, has created a partnership with National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) via their User Services System (USS). NISC is a leading provider of software and solutions to utility and telecommunication companies.
Comtrend and NISC have entered into this unique partnership by jointly committing to ensuring that Comtrend’s CPE are tightly integrated with NISC’s USS system.
Our mutual goal is to deliver the highest satisfaction to the Providers and NISC members. Further, Comtrend and NISC will be collaborating on certification, aligned roadmaps and vision, and integration to create a thorough and dependable remote CPE management and home networking solution.

Comtrend’s Gateways with NISC’s USS Combine to Give You:

A powerful, cloud-based tool that truly enhances customers’ Internet experience and reduces your truck rolls and customer support expenses.
Includes ACS Management, WiFi & Device Administration, and Customer Self-Care Functionality.

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Core ACS Management

Provision new devices automatically, remotely push firmware updates and securely administer changes to the customer’s network to resolve current issues and proactively prevent others. Resolve service interruptions efficiently via the intuitive support dashboard.

Customer Care Functionality

Empower customers to manage devices, resolve performance issues, set parental controls and administer changes to their home network all from the convenient SmartHub app.

Increase Efficiency and Revenue

Realize a reduction in operational costs with fewer support calls and more efficient truck rolls. Embrace the opportunity for added revenue with this device and managed WiFi service offering as well as possible equipment upselling such as extenders and other core equipment upgrades.


Robust Product Offering

Comtrend has a proven lineup of robust xDSL and Ethernet Gateways that are specifically designed for Providers. Comtrend also offers advanced network expansion with Powerline and Mesh-Enhanced WiFi.

Dedicated Support

Providers are assigned a dedicated Sales Engineer to advise and support you along the way. Comtrend Sales Engineers will go above-and-beyond to ensure you and your customers are satisfied.

Top-Tier Distributors

Choose from Comtrend's family of committed distributors that you can rely on. You can learn more information under our "Where to Buy" or click here.

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