Comtrend’s Coax Adapter Honored by 2022 Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards

The Comtrend Ethernet over Coax Adapter, the GCA-7000, wins Silver in Cabling Innovators Awards.

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Comtrend, a leading Broadband CPE manufacturer and solution provider to regional and rural Communications Service Providers (CSPs), announced today that its GCA-7000 was recognized among the best by the 2022 Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards. An esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the cabling community recognized Comtrend’s GCA-7000 as a Silver honoree.

The GCA-7000 utilizes technology, the next evolution in coax standards, to deliver faster wired speeds in remote or hard-to-reach locations using the existing Coax cabling. This product is ideal in homes with dark coax, where Service Providers/installers can leverage otherwise unused Coax to provide reliable and high-performance connectivity to devices in locations where even the best WiFi can experience limitations due to building infrastructure. Comtrend’s new Wave 2 Ethernet over Coax Adapter offers all of the benefits of standard coax technology, while also providing the superior features of Wave 2 such as improved 2Gbps speeds and low latency for an optimized video experience.

Service Provider Key Benefits:

  • Remote management with support of TR-069
  • Superiorly secured with AES 128 bits encryption
  • Vastly less expensive than professionally installed Ethernet cable
  • Easy setup that’s so simple it could be done as a self-install to reduce truck rolls
  • Wave 2 technology delivers up to 2Gbps PHY Rate

The GCA-7000 utilizes technology, the next evolution in coax standards, to deliver faster wired speeds in remote or hard-toreach locations using the existing Coax cabling.

Additionally, the GCA-7000 can be utilized in separate applications as a midspan solution when a Service Provider would need to easily relocate the router to optimize its performance. A standard Fiber/ONT installation ties the router to the location of the ONT which in many cases is in a basement or remote location and leads to poor WiFi performance. With the Ethernet over Coax Adapter, moving the router to a central location is made simple utilizing the existing coax cables in the home.

“On behalf of the Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards, I would like to congratulate Comtrend on their Silver — level honoree status,” said Cabling Installation & Maintenance Chief Editor Patrick McLaughlin. “This competitive program allows Cabling Installation & Maintenance to celebrate and recognize the most innovative products, projects, technologies, and programs impacting the industry.

Note: The GCA-7000 is intended for use in dark coax applications only. It will not work in active cable applications.

For more information on Comtrend’s GCA-7000, please contact Sales at

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Comtrend has been supporting the needs of Rural and Regional Communications Service Providers (CSPs) for over 30 years. We are committed to leveraging defined standards and aligned partnerships to provide open Broadband solutions to all, and in turn, drive innovation and accessibility. Comtrend offers the latest industry technologies, including Fiber and xDSL Broadband gateways, wireless, Powerline and Coax home networking, and leadingedge Service Provider ACS analytics through TR-069 and TR-143, management, and CAF reporting solutions. We believe in enabling our customers to choose their best path, allowing them to openly deliver reliable, best-in-class home connectivity to their subscribers.

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