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Comtrend Announces New Partnership to Create Broadband Gateways Powered by Quantenna’s 4×4 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi

Comtrend’s family of Quantenna-based products have super-charged WiFi, making them ideal for wireless HD video streaming and high-bandwidth applications. IRVINE, CA (PRWEB) AUGUST 18, 2016 Comtrend, a leader in advanced networking equipment, announced today their partnership with Quantenna for a new family of broadband gateway products. This family of products includes Comtrend’s A/VDSL Bonded Gateway …

Comtrend Announces New Partnership to Create Broadband Gateways Powered by Quantenna’s 4×4 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi Read More »

VR-3046: 1-Port A/VDSL Router

The VR-3046 is a high-performance, single-port, A/VDSL2+ Modem that is ideal for Service Providers that want more flexible wireless integration.

Supports VDSL 35b profile (Vplus) in VDSL2 mode for 100Mbps upstream and 300Mbps downstream high-speed bandwidth.

Well suited for residential or small office environments that need high-speed internet access for applications such as online gaming, video streaming, and real-time audio.

Robust capabilities to segment and route IP protocol.

GCA-7000 Wave 2 Adapter

GCA-7000: 2000Mbps Ethernet over Coax Adapter

Leverage the existing coax cabling in the home to deliver near-gigabit connectivity.

Comtrend’s GCA-7000 Wave 2 Ethernet over Coax adapter delivers wired connectivity more conveniently than installing Ethernet cabling and more securely and reliably than Wireless. Powerful Wave 2 technology combined with the ease of Coax offer a simplified setup with superior performance.

Note: The GCA-7000 is intended for use in environments where the coax is not being used (i.e. dark coax/dedicated coax environments). It will coexist with most services such as DSL and Fiber, however, it is not recommended in environments where Cable TV and Satellite Services are being used.

GFR-9510: AC2050 G.Fast VDSL Gigabit Gateway

The GFR-9510 VDSL Gateway, through technology, uses existing copper infrastructure to offer Gigabit speeds over short distances (200 meters), making it the ideal alternative to FTTH installations.

Avoids long buffer times with the latest Quantenna 802.11ac Wave 2 technology.
Offers gigabit speeds for the latest high-bandwidth applications and services such as streaming HD and UHD IPTV, accessing home-automation, and playing online games.
Reduces truck rolls with remote management to easily fix wireless issues.

Use Existing Copper to Reach Gigabit Speeds