WAP-5883: 300Mbps Wireless WiFi N Repeater / Access Point / Client

& Client | 300Mbps | Access Point | Wireless WiFi N Repeater
“The Comtrend WAP-5883 Wireless Range Extender is a three-in-one device to support the wireless needs of both home and office environments. Using the 802.11b/g/n wireless standard, the WAP-5883 has a data transfer rate of up to 300Mbps. Its modes are instantly accessible by a three-position switch on its exterior. When set to Repeater mode, the WAP-5883 extends wireless coverage of your existing Access Point to typically hard-to-reach areas. When connected to a network using an Ethernet cable, AP mode turns the WAP-5883 into an Access Point. And Client mode allows compatible Ethernet devices, like game consoles and Blu-ray devices to connect to a wireless network. Small in size, the WAP-5883 is easy to install. By plugging directly into the wall, there is no long cord or external power supply. No guess work is needed for placement, as the LED signal indicator shows the wireless performance at its location. For set-up and security, the WAP-5883 includes a WPS button, allowing instant security when paired with another device. Configuration is quickly accomplished through a simple web-based user interface.”
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