TR-069: Auto-Configuration Server Solution by Fine Point FinePoint

Comtrend has partnered with Fine Point Technologies to create a new, best-in-class Auto Configuration Server (ACS) Solution. 

Comtrend’s gateways, paired with Fine Point’s ACS will now provide Service Providers with new tools to resolve technical issues, strategically analyze network traffic, and identify opportunities to provideadditional revenue-generating service.

Over the last ten years, TR-069 has laid the groundwork of remote management of Customer Premises Equipment. This solution not only includes all standard functionality, but goes further to add new benefits:

  • Creates visibility into the home network
  • Provides analytical data
  • Provides data for focused sales/marketing
  • Enables “Virtual Truck Rolls

Therefore, the question is…

“How, exactly, is it better?”

Here are four abilities that will change how you do business:

A Reality-Based Speed Test

The SPEED complaint:

“I’m paying for 10Mbps, but my Intenet is SLOW.”

Solution: simply confirm the actual speed to the gateway

An Instant Signal Strength Tool

Standard WiFi complaint (answer #1):

“My laptop can’t connect from the far side of my home.”

  • Determine if there is an issue with the gateway or a specific device
  • Signal strength is displayed in both -dBm and percentage
  • Identify possible networking improvements such as wireless extenders, powerline, and access points

Solution: isolate device info… address the real problem.

An Instant Signal Strength Tool

Standard WiFi complaint (answer #2):

“My tablet’s Internet is slow.”

  • Identify possible interference suspects that can slow down WiFi
  • Fix interference issues by changing the channels devices are using

Solution: check and possibly change the WiFi environment.

An Inclusive Statistics and Performance Monitoring Tool

Standard WiFi complaint (answer #3):

“All of my devices have slow Internet.”

Solution: use customer usage to offer higher plans.

Comtrend has supported TR-069 with an Auto Configuration Server since 2006. Today, there are two current products, CT-ACS and ACS Central. Both adhere to standards-based TR-069 parameters and cover the standard features. The partnership with Finepoint is significant, as it provides software enhancements in Comtrend’s new gateways to enable the features shown here.


“What’s the next step?”

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