PG-9142s: HomePlug® AV ClearPath™ WiFi N Powerline Ethernet Adapter

802.11n | ClearPathTM | HomePlug ® AV | Powerline Ethernet Adapter with WiFi N 200Mbps | The PG-9142s has been replaced by the PG-9171n
The Powergrid 9142s turns electrical wiring outlets into an Ethernet network. Connecting a PC, Set-Top-Box, Multimedia Player, and similar devices to the network router is as simple as Plug and Play. With integrated wireless built into the adapter, your network’s wireless coverage is simple and straightforward. Integrated ClearPathTM technology by Sigma Designs is ideal for audio and video home networking. Unlike standard powerline, ClearPathTM enables higher throughput using multiple input multiple output (MIMO) channels with not one, but two pairs of wires within each power outlet.
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