Powerline PoE

PG-9182 POE – 2000Mbps G.hn Powerline Ethernet Adapter with PoE

G.hn Wave 2 Powerline Speeds | 2 PoE-Capable Ethernet Ports

Reliable Powerline PoE has arrived. Comtrend’s PG-9182PoE is a G.hn Wave 2 Powerline Adapter with integrated PoE. It has two PoE ports, making it ideal for connecting PoE devices like VoIP Phones, PoE cameras, and access points.

Pro Tip
G.hn Wave 2 Powerline adapters can often pair faster by plugging a PG-9182PT into an outlet, and then plugging the second Wave 2 adapter into the PG-9182PT’s pass-through outlet. (Sold in kits and separately.)

PG-9172PoE: G.hn Powerline PoE Adapter 1200Mbps

Data and power are as close as the nearest electrical outlet. Comtrend’s PG-9172PoE Powerline PoE Adapter is a G.hn-based powerline device with the added benefit of Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity. Using existing electrical wiring and powerline technology, you can get data and power connectivity to hard to reach locations without the expensive installation of Ethernet (CAT5e/6) cables. Easily add on to or create your G.hn Powerline Network-connect up to 16 G.hn Powerline Adapters.