Comtrend Supports Service Providers as They Transition Into the “Next Normal” of COVID-19

Comtrend provides flexible solutions for Service Providers to continue to grow their business while maintaining their safety. Irvine, CA– Comtrend, a leader in advanced networking solutions, provides flexible solutions, tools, and insights to support Service Providers as they navigate the future of work in the “next  normal” COVID-19 environment. Working from home, distance learning, and video conferencing are all part of this “next normal” that will continue to drive demands for an  enhanced subscriber Internet experience. Additionally, demands on video streaming for digital entertainment have increased as well. Service Providers are facing the unique challenge of continuing to meet these needs of subscribers while also maintaining the safety of their employees and communities. Comtrend has the following solutions and resources available to support Service Providers with this next transition:
  • Best practices and Quick Setup Guides for maintaining safe installs. Additionally, Comtrend offers a FREE ACS option which can be used on all Comtrend hardware to facilitate non-intrusive self-installs.
  • Value-add solutions like Parental Controls and Mesh-Enhanced WiFi to enable the subscriber and deliver an improved Internet experience.
  • New ACS tools to help proactively and remotely solve subscriber Internet issues.
  • Success & Safety Strategy guide that includes a Service Provider Toolkit and many more resources.
Service Providers understand the importance of delivering fast and reliable Internet connectivity during this time, and they have stepped up to the challenge. They have had to adapt to the next normal of subscribers working from home, distance learning, video conferencing, and increasing video streaming. As they support their subscribers, Comtrend will continue to create new and flexible options to service the next normal. For more information on Comtrend’s flexible solutions, please visit or contact your sales representative ( for more information. About Comtrend We know Service Providers. Comtrend has been in the business of supporting Communication Service Providers for over 30 years, and we are proud of our history and the partnerships that we have grown. Our mission is to design and manufacture purpose-built solutions for Service Providers, allowing them to easily provide reliable, best-in-class home connectivity to their subscribers. Comtrend remains committed to offering the latest industry technologies, including Fiber and DSL broadband gateways, wireless and Powerline home networking, and leading-edge Service Provider ACS analytics, management, and CAF Reporting Solutions.
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