Comtrend Expands Line of CAF-Compliant Reporting Options with Router Limits’ CAF Solution

Comtrend and Router Limits now offer a CAF reporting solution that has the added benefit of Internet Management with parental controls.

Irvine, CA—Comtrend, a leader in broadband networking for Service Providers, announced today the availability of their new Router Limits CAF solution. Router Limits is an Internet management technology company that’s dedicated to continued solution enhancements. Router Limits’ solution will satisfy FCC requirements for the Connect America Fund (CAF) while also providing Internet Management with parental controls.

Comtrend understands that each Service Provider’s network is unique and has individual needs that cannot be met by a single solution. With the addition of the Router Limits’ CAF solution, there is now an alternative to a TR-143-standards-based CAF option. This makes it ideal for Service Providers that already have an ACS that will not meet CAF testing requirements or are not interested in an ACS, but still want an easy option to submit CAF-compliant reporting.

Comtrend North America’s VP of Technology, Kuma Lin, comments, “We are excited to carry Router Limits’ CAF solution that offers an alternative to using the TR-143 standard. By expanding our partnerships to partners like Router Limits, we can offer greater solutions, like including commercial-grade Internet management features. Router Limits’ CAF solution supports all speed tiers and can take advantage of existing Comtrend Gateways.”

The Router Limits’ CAF solution is software-based and will come fully integrated into select Comtrend Gateways. Unlike “white box” solutions that require additional hardware within the end user’s home, this solution allows Service Providers to remotely upgrade the Gateway to support the CAF solution without end user engagement or interruption. Router Limits offers a low-cost solution that has the added benefits of an Internet management features including parental controls, bandwidth monitoring, speed testing, and mobile connectivity.

To find out more and request a demo about the Router Limits’ CAF solution, please contact your Sales Representative or email

About Comtrend We know Service Providers. Comtrend has been in the business of supporting Communication Service Providers for over 30 years, and we are proud of our history and the partnerships that we have grown. Our mission is to design and manufacture purpose-built solutions for Service Providers, allowing them to easily provide reliable, best-in-class home connectivity to their subscribers. Comtrend remains committed to offering the latest industry technologies, including Fiber and DSL broadband gateways, wireless and Powerline home networking, and leading-edge Service Provider ACS analytics, management, and CAF Reporting Solutions.

About Router Limits Router Limits is a software technology company that’s dedicated to endless enhancement, top-notch customer service, and an internet experience that’s better and safer for you, your family, and your business than ever before. We provide a better internet experience by helping users to protect their networks from unwanted content, manage screen time, monitor performance, and Take Back the Internet™. Visit us at

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