Comtrend Corporation Releases Updated BeamLink Wireless Video Adapter to Support Whole-Home HD IPTV

IRVINE, CA. July 19, 2010 Comtrend Corporation, a global supplier of advanced networking solutions, today announced the release of its newest BeamLink Wireless Video Adapter. The BeamLink WAP-5834 utilizes a new Celeno chipset and is a carrier-grade WiFi-based HD access point (AP) and client designed to distribute multiple high-definition IP video streams (HD-IPTV) reliably within the home.

Now available to service providers in North America, the BeamLink Wireless Video Adapter is powered by the new Celeno CL1820 802.11n high performance chipset which can provide up to 120Mbps video throughput with zero packet error rate. BeamLink supports up to four different concurrent HD streams and includes a robust carrier-grade feature set.

BeamLink provides a high-quality, HD IPTV video experience along with whole home networking coverage free of dead spots. BeamLink provides unique and cost-effective multi-client scalability for service providers while eliminating the cost and hassle of installing new cabling throughout the home. The ease of self-installation does away with expensive truck rolls simply connect one BeamLink device to your gateway and one to your IP set top box (up to four).The resulting IPTV home network allows subscribers to enjoy simple connectivity of multiple HD video sources (such as IPTV, Video-on-Demand, stored content on DVR) between multiple TVs in the home.

“The success of the original BeamLink adapter is now closely followed by an enhanced product that provides even higher throughput to support the demand of today’s multimedia home,says John Castreje, General Manager for Comtrend. “The new BeamLink WAP-5834 continues to give exceptional coverage for HD video streams throughout the entire home and is the perfect fit for service providers looking for a future-proof, single-box solution.

“Today’s service providers must offer multi-room DVR and Video-on-Demand in order to deliver a personalized viewing experience to consumers,said Lior Weiss, Celeno VP of Marketing. “We’re delighted that Comtrend selected Celeno’s second-generation chipset for the distribution of multimedia and entertainment content in the home with full support for the latest applications in IPTV and best-in-class performance. Wi-Fi allows for fast, flexible and cost-effective implementations._ Through OptimizAIRtechnology, BeamLink leverages the wide 5GHz spectrum, employing special interference immunity technologies and selecting available channels on the fly. Up to four TV screens can receive different and concurrent HD streams with guaranteed quality of service, consistently and independently of the infrastructure type or quality of the existing wires in the home. Unique Beam Forming MIMO technology keeps the radiated energy to a bare minimum across the home as well as in neighboring apartments.

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New powerful Celeno chipset provides high performance wireless capabilities for today’s multimedia home networking environment

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