Matanuska Telephone Selects Comtrend for Large-Scale, Wireless IPTV Deployments

IPTV deployment man-hours reduced 62% with Comtrend wireless HD Video Extender.

IRVINE, CA. August 15, 2011 – Comtrend Corporation, a global supplier of advanced networking solutions, today announced that Matanuska Telephone (MTA) has selected Comtrend’s HD Video Extender (WAP-5834) for wireless distribution of HD IPTV video services within and throughout subscribers’ homes with wire-like quality. MTA has deployed over one thousand HD Video Extenders with tremendous success.

Comtrend’s HD Video Extender is a solution to the great challenge of traditional home networking where telcos needed to pull CAT5 wiring throughout the house to connect televisions for IPTV service. With the advancement in wireless technology embodied in the HD Video Extender- beyond the 802.11n standard- installers can now completely bypass hardwiring and plug in wireless adapters for no-distortion IPTV service.

“Comtrend’s HD Video Extender has literally changed the way we deploy IPTV,” says Bryan Nelson, OSP Field Services Manager for MTA. “What used to take an installer four hours can now be done in 1.5 hours. The ROI speaks for itself, and the quality of transmission is rock-solid and dependable.”

“We’re pleased to see MTA deploy the HD Video Extender so successfully, so quickly, to more than a thousand homes,” says John DiFrenna, Vice President Sales and Marketing for Comtrend North America. “That’s quite a few families that can now move their TV’s to practically any room and on any wall that they want.”

Comtrend’s HD Video Extender is a versatile WiFi-based HD Access Point (AP) designed to reliably distribute multiple High-Definition IP video streams (HD-IPTV) within the home. 5GHz is excellent for wirelessly streaming multiple HD videos, and provides users with a high quality viewing experience while eliminating the need to install new cable wiring.

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