Comtrend ADSL router CT-500 has successfully passed the interoperability test with Lucent’s AnyMedia

Taipei, Taiwan, May 11 — Comtrend Corp. today announced that its ADSL router CT-500 has passed Lucent’s interoperability test with its AnyMedia Access System LPA408.

“Our CT-500 series satisfies the needs of multiple users for small offices/home offices and remote office/branch office applications,” said Phil Chen, Vice President of Sales, Comtrend Corp. “Its downstream line rate can exceed 11 Mbps at short distances and it has high throughput even for small packets, e.g., 64K and 128K.”

Besides ADSL modems/routers, Comtrend manufactures other DSL customer premises equipment and its corresponding DSLAMs. In addition, Comtrend also has CSU/DSU (T1/E1 and T3/E3 rates) and various multiplexers.

Lucent’s AnyMedia Access System is capable of providing both regular telephone service, as well as high-speed data services including ISDN and xDSL, from a single platform. The system uses “plug and play”application packs, enabling service providers to add broadband services as market demand dictates. It can be placed almost anywhere and can provide services from any transport medium – fiber, twisted-pair copper or wireless – to any digital switch and/or data network through standard interfaces.

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