Comtrend is the first manufacturer of DS3 DSU in Taiwan obtained the certificate from CHT.

Congratulations! Comtrend DS3 DSU, CT-230, passed through the benchmark test in CHT-TL, the Lab of ChungHwa Telecom, the largest carrier in Taiwan. In the test, Comtrend DS3 DSU got no bit error during 72 hours of consecutive test. 

19-productThe CT-230 DS3 CSU/DSU is an interface equipment between DTE and DS3 digital line facilities. Two DTE ports are provided and can be any combination of V.35 and HSSI (High Speed Serial Interface). It provides local and remote access via SNMP management system or ASCII terminal. The full in-band remote control capability facilitates the network management, including configuration and diagnostics functions. Other special features include: Real-Time SNMP alarm trap, script file for quick installation.

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