WAP-5836: 5GHz WiFi N 450Mbps 3×3 MIMO HD Wireless Extender

3×3 MIMO | HD Wireless Extender | WiFi N 450Mbps | Wireless 5GHz
Comtrend’s WAP-5836 is a versatile 5GHz Wireless N Extender. Combining industry standard 802.11n wireless with advanced Implicit Beam Forming technology, the WAP-5836 reliably delivers multimedia in the most challenging environments. Connecting set-top-boxes, media players, and game consoles (up to 8 devices per AP) throughout a home is accomplished effortlessly and securely with the WAP-5836’s WPS button. Businesses can likewise use the WAP-5836 to connect distant devices, such as printers, IP cameras, and PCs beyond the reach of structured wiring.
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