Electrical Utility Providers

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Connecting Rural America with Carrier-Grade Connectivity

About Us

Comtrend is committed to supporting the needs of Rural and Regional CSPs by leveraging defined standards and aligned partnerships to provide open Broadband solutions to all. Together, we keep our land and people connected.

Our Services

Connectivity Any Way. We support all Providers by offering technologies of the future as well as legendary technologies delivering today.

Fiber ONT

A new lineup of XGS-PON Gateways provide speeds of the future. Now TiBit Certified.

Ethernet & xDSL Gateways

Ethernet and legendary copper delivering today. Over 13 models available now.

Broadband Expansion

WiFi Extenders, G.hn Powerline/Coax, Switches, and more for hard-to-reach spots.

Value-Add Applications

Grow with these top-tier services: Plume SaaS, Bark Online Monitoring, Mesh, and more.

Why Choose Us

Dedicated Support

Person-to-person engineering support.

Open Solutions

Flexible, reliable solutions with support of industry standards.

Custom Firmware

Firmware that works within your unique networks.

Trusted Advisor

Experience that shows. We deliver best-in-class solutions for the future and today.

Ask how we can help you connect your communities.

We are committed to supporting the needs of rural providers from our rock-solid, carrier-grade solutions all the way through to our dedicated support team.

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