GCA-7000 G.hn Wave 2 Adapter

GCA-7000: 2000Mbps G.hn Ethernet over Coax Adapter

Leverage the existing coax cabling in the home to deliver near-gigabit connectivity.

Comtrend’s GCA-7000 G.hn Wave 2 Ethernet over Coax adapter delivers wired connectivity more conveniently than installing Ethernet cabling and more securely and reliably than Wireless. Powerful G.hn Wave 2 technology combined with the ease of Coax offer a simplified setup with superior performance.

Note: The GCA-7000 is intended for use in environments where the coax is not being used (i.e. dark coax/dedicated coax environments). It will coexist with most services such as DSL and Fiber, however, it is not recommended in environments where Cable TV and Satellite Services are being used.

PG-9182DC: 2000Mbps G.hn Powerline + DC Power Output

G.hn Powerline technology allows you to easily extend a home network via the existing electrical lines. Now, Comtrend’s innovative PG-9182DC G.hn Powerline Adapter with DC power output, can both power the Gateway and connect it to the G.hn Powerline network at the same time. Simply add one additional adapter to create a powerful, high-speed G.hn network connection!