AC1750 Outdoor Wireless Access Point

  • Overview


    Pole/Wall-Mount | IP67-Rated Weatherproof
    Supports up to 100 Users Simultaneously


    Comtrend's WAP-EN1750R Wireless Access Point combines 560mW high power radios and -93dBm high sensitivity to deliver robust wireless coverage in outdoor/harsh environments.

    • Remotely manage firmware updates, configurations, backup and restoration and password control via TR-069
    • Easily setup Guest Networks to isolate the local network from the wireless clients via an IP filer
    • Manage the handoff of client devices from one access point to another with negligible interruption

    Key Benefits

    Higher Power, Higher Sensitivity

    The WAP-EN1750R features high powered 560mW, high sensitivity -93dBm 11AC wireless connectivity. The combination of high power and high receiver sensitivity result in flawless wireless coverage whether for business locations or homes. With high-performance 3x3 MIMO AC1750 (1,300Mbps on the 5GHz band, and 450Mbps on the 2.4GHz), the WAP-EN1750R is the ideal solution for the demanding day-to-day operations of schools, hotels, and hospitals.

    Comprehensive Network Features

    SMB applications such as education, hospitality, and medical locations can utilize the most advanced networking features such as guest network feature, cluster configuration and smart handover.

    TR-069 Supported for Simplified Management

    With TR-069 support, the WAP-EN1750R is ideal for Service Providers who will be able to reduce truck rolls with remote management to easily fix wireless issues.

    The WAP-EN1750R TR-069 feature is specifically designed for Service Providers who already utilize TR-069, and want to offer business-grade products that can seamlessly integrate into their existing TR-069 ACS system. With this unique feature, Service Providers gain better remote management of the products they deploy and can remotely address the most common support calls thus saving money on truck rolls.

    Built for the Outdoors

    The WAP-EN1750R features IP67- Rated Weatherproof and Dustproof housing as well as salt, fog, and rust ASTM B117 weather shield. In addition, it was designed with die-cast aluminum and corrosion resistant enclosures to survive the most challenging outdoor environments.

    WAP-EN1750R Back



    • TR-069 Remote Management
    • Guest Network
    • Cluster Configuration
    • Smart Handover
    • Bandwidth Throttling per SSID
    • Internal Radius Server
    • Supports up to 100 Users Simultaneously
    • Dual band AC1750 (802.11ac 1,300Mbps; 802.11n 450Mbps)
    • Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port with 802.3at PoE Support




    • Memory: 128MB; Flash: 16MB

    Physical Interface:

    • One 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port with 802.3at PoE Support
    • Three LEDs + One Reset M25 Interface
    • Power Requirement: Power over Ethernet, IEEE 802.3at


    • Three External N-Type 2.4GHz 4dBi Antennas
    • Three External N-Type 5GHz 6dBi Antennas

    Radio Frequency (RF)

    • Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

    Frequency Band:

    • Radio 1: 802.11b/g/n 2.400~2.484(GHz)
    • Radio 2: 802.11a/n/ac 5.150~5.250(GHz), 5.250~5.350(GHz), 5.470~5.725(GHz), 5.725~5.850(GHz)

    Transmit Power (Tolerance + -2dB)


    • 23dBm@1Mbps
    • 23dBm@11Mbps


    • 23dBm@6Mbps
    • 19dBm@54Mbps


    • 27.5dBm@MCS0 (HT20/40)
    • 22.5dBm@MCS7 (HT20/40)


    • 22dBm@6Mbps
    • 18dBm@54Mbps


    • 27.5dBm@MCS0/MCS8
    • 22.5dBm@MCS7/MCS15


    • 27.5dBm@MCS0
    • 22.5dBm@MCS7;
    • 19.5dBm@MCS9

    Receiver Sensitivity


    • ≤-93dBm@1Mbps
    • ≤-90dBm@11Mbps


    • ≤-90dBm@6Mbps
    • ≤-74dBm@54Mbps


    • ≤-94.5dBm@MCS0
    • ≤-76.5dBm@MCS7
    • ≤-90dBm@MCS8
    • ≤-72dBm@MCS15


    • ≤-90dBm@6Mbps
    • ≤-72dBm@54Mbps


    • ≤-94.5dBm@MCS0
    • ≤-70.5dBm@MCS7
    • ≤-90dBm@MCS8
    • ≤-66dBm@MCS15


    • ≤-90.5dBm@6MCS0
    • ≤-60.5dBm@MCS9


    • Multiple BSSID: Total 32 (16 for 2.4GHz, 16 for 5GHz)
    • VLANs: SSID and Ethernet Port Based Tag/Untag (VID= 1~4096)
    • Wireless Mode: 11 a/11b/11g/11n/11ac
    • Channel Bandwidth: (Auto, 20,40, 80MHz)

    Transmission Rate:

    • 2.4GHz: 11b, 11g, 11b/g, 11g/n, 11/b/g/n
    • 5GHz: 11a, 11a/n, 11a/n/ac
    • Pass-Through: Support IPv6 and VPN Pass-Through
    • QoS: WMM, Max Associated Station Number


    • WEP Encryption – 64/128 Bit
    • WPA Personal (WPA-PSK Using TKIP or AES)
    • WPA Enterprise (WPA-EAP using TKIP or AES)
    • 802.1x Authentication
    • SSID Broadcast (Enable/Disable)
    • 256 WLAN MAC Address Filter
    • WLAN L2 Isolation (AP Mode)
    • Wireless STA (Client) Connected List


    • Tx Power Control: Adjust Transmit Power by Percentage
    • Configuration: Web-Based Configuration HTTP/HTTPS/SSH/CLI
    • Firmware: Upgrade Via WEB, CLI, TFTP, and FTP
    • SNMP: v1, v2c, v3. MIB II, IEEE802.11MIB, BridgeMIB, Interface MIB, Private MIB
    • Auto-Channel: Automatically Selects Least Congested Channel
    • Backup & Restore: Save & Restore Settings Through
    • Management Interfaces
    • CLI: Support Command Line Interface
    • Local Radius: Radius Server Built-in (256 Accounts Supported)
    • Power Saving: Support ARP Proxy for Connected Wireless Client


    • Standard: 802.11 b/g/n
    • Max. Output Power (dBm): 2.4GHz: 26dBm
    • Receiver sensitivity: ≤ -95dBm
    • Transmit power (mW): 560mW
    • Certification: CE/FCC
    • Number of SSIDS: 16 (2.4GHz)

    Environment & Physical

    • Temperature Range: Operation: -40°F to 158°F; -40°C to 70°C
    • IP67- Rated Weatherproof and Dustproof
    • Storage: -40°F to 176°F; -40°C to 80°C
    • Certifications: FCC, CE


    • 10.12in(L) x 8.94in(W) x 3.54in(H)
    • 257mm(L) x 227mm(W) x 90mm(H)


    • 6.6lbs; 2.98Kg

    Note: Specification are subject to change without notice.



    Two page data sheet with product pictures and specifications.


    Quick Start Guide.


    Complete information related to the installation and operation of this product.


    Download firmware update for this product.


    Download the Software Release Notes for this product.