2000Mbps G.hn Ethernet over Coax Adapter

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    G.hn Ethernet over Coax Adapter | Up to 2000Mbps PHY Rate over Coax


    Leverage the existing coax cabling in the home to deliver near-gigabit connectivity.

    Comtrend's GCA-7000 G.hn Wave 2 Ethernet over Coax adapter delivers wired connectivity more conveniently than installing Ethernet cabling and more securely and reliably than Wireless. Powerful G.hn Wave 2 technology combined with the ease of Coax offer a simplified setup with superior performance.

    Important Note: The GCA-7000 is intended for use in environments where the coax is not being used (i.e. dark coax/dedicated coax environments). It will coexist with most services such as DSL, Satellite, and Fiber, however, it is not recommended in environments where Cable TV Services are being used.

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    G.hn Wave 2 Coax is a Better Overall Solution than MoCA
    G.hn Wave 2 Coax is a lower-cost option that delivers competitive speeds.

    Premium Performance for Video Streaming
    G.hn's state-of-the-art LDPC FEC error-free technology improves video quality and minimizes video lag.

    Plug-n-Play Worry-Free Security
    AES 128 bits encryption ensures total data security.

    Turn Your Coax Cables Into an Ultra-Fast Network
    Can connect up to 16 devices within a G.hn Coax Adapter cable network.


    Q: When can I use the GCA-7000?

    A: The GCA-7000 is an excellent option for VARs, Service Providers (eg. Telco/ Satellite), and consumers alike.
    The GCA-7000 can be used when the coax cable is:
    NOT being used (i.e. “Dark Coax”)
    Used for Satellite TV services
    Used with HPNA over coax
    The GCA-7000 cannot be used when the coax cable is:
    Being used for Cable TV services

    Q: How do I install my GCA-7000 kit?

    A: Simply plug and play! Please note it takes two units to make a proper connection. One will be placed by your network device (i.e. Modem, Router, Access Point), another unit will be placed by the remote device you wish to connect. Please refer to the Quick Installation Guide that comes with your GCA-7000 kit.

    Please note that this product does not include a Coax cable.

    Q: Can my GCA-7000 kit be secured?

    A: Yes, simply press the “Security” button on each of the two GCA-7000 for 2 seconds within two minutes, and they will be paired in secure mode. You can refer to step C in the Quick Installation Guide.

    Q: If I purchase additional GCA-7000 adapters, how do I add it to the existing network at home?

    A: If the existing GCA-7000 network has not previously been secured (eg. The Security LED on the GCA-7000 is off), simply connect the additional GCA-7000 to the coax outlet and it will pair up with the existing network instantly. If the existing network has already been secured, it is easy too – simply push the “Security” button for 2 seconds on one of the existing GCA-7000 as well as the newly installed one, and you are all set! You can refer to Step C in the Quick Installation Guide.

    Q: How many devices can I connect using the GCA-7000?

    A: You can build a network of up to 16 devices using one GCA-7000 for each device.

    Q: What type of application is the GCA-7000 suitable for?

    A: The GCA-7000 is ideal for any high-bandwidth applications such as video streaming, online gaming, web surfing, video chatting, or anything that needs a reliable connection to the Internet.

    Q: Which connector should I use to connect my device to the Coax Adapter?

    A. Please use the G.hn Connector – it is used to transmit networking traffic between your home networking device.

    What is OUT connector for?

    The TV OUT port is to be used only when transmitting CATV (Community Access Television/ Community Antenna Television) and Satellite services to your TV.

    Q: Is the GCA-7000 interoperable with MoCA adapters?

    A: No, it is not. If a location has implemented MoCA over Coax to deliver Internet service, the G.hn over Coax solution will not work in those specific locations due to frequency conflict issues with MoCA over Coax.

    Q: Will the GCA-7000 operate in Cable modem environments (active cable installations)?

    A: No, it will not. If a location uses a Cable modem (for Cable video/Cable Internet services) then that location uses the coaxial cable. The GCA-7000 cannot interoperate with Cable services as there will be a frequency conflict between the Cable modem (using DOCSIS) and GCA-7000 (using G.hn over Coax).

    Q: What should I do if my devices will not pair?

    A:  If your GCA-7000 adapters are not pairing (i.e. the CONNECTION LED  is OFF), first plug the problem GCA-7000 unit to a coax connector next to the other GCA-7000 unit; both GCA-7000 having been connected by Ethernet cable to their respective devices (e.g. PC, Router, Set Top Box, etc.). After approximately 10 seconds, the CONNECTION LED should light up GREEN. If not, first Factory reset both devices by pressing the “Reset” button on each adapter for more than 10 seconds. Then, go to the Quick Install Guide and follow the installation steps.

    Q: What if I run into any issues during installation?

    A: Please refer to the troubleshooting section on the Quick Installation Guide or contact us:

    Email: NA.Support@Comtrend.com
    Company Support Line:




    • RJ-45 X 1 for Ethernet connection
    • F-type connector
    • F-type connector for built-in diplexer of 252MHz (optional)
    • DC power jack X 1


    • Standard IEEE 802.310/100/1000Mbps BaseT auto-sense
    • Auto rate and duplex negotiation
    • MDI/MDX support
    • Modulations OFDM, FEC, Flexible frequency configuration
    • PHY Rate up to 2000Mbps


    • G.hn 100MHz MIMO
    • Up to 2000Mbps Phy rate
    • NDIM support


    • AES 128 bits encryption ensures total data security
    • One Button Security Set-up
    • Configuration button for factory reset and switch off/on LEDs functions


    • HTTP Web-based; Firmware upgrade via TFTP
    • TR-069 Supported


    • 5.24in x 2.76 X 1.50in
    • 133mm (D) x 70mm (W) x 38mm (H)


    • Plastic


    • 170g; 6oz


    • Operating: 32~104F (0~40C)
    • Storage: -4~158°F (-20~70°C)


    • Operating: 10~90% RH (Non Condensing)
    • Storage: 5%~90% (Non-Condensing)


    • FCC, CE Class B


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