PG-9141s: 200Mbps HomePlug® AV ClearPath™ Powerline Ethernet Adapter

|1 Ethernet | 200Mbps + ClearPath Technology | Powerline HomePlug AV | The PG-9141 has been replaced by the PG-9172
“The Powergrid 9141s turns electrical wiring outlets into an Ethernet network. Connecting a PC, Set-Top-Box, Multimedia Player, and similar devices to the network router is as simple as Plug and Play. Unlike wireless technologies, walls and obstructions do not interfere with transmission speeds. Integrated ClearPath™ technology by Sigma Designs is ideal for audio and video home networking. Unlike standard powerline, ClearPath™ enables higher throughput- using multiple input multiple output (MIMO) channels- with not one, but two pairs of wires within each power outlet. Additionally, the PG-9141s will save on energy costs and will decrease power when inactive. Use to connect up to 10 devices- all protected by AES 128 bits encryption.”
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