NL-3112u: WiFi 4 N300 A/VDSL Bonded Gateway

3 Ethernet Ports 1 Gig FlexPort | 802.11n | A/VDSL2 PTM Bonded | USB Host
The NL-3112u Multi DSL Bonded Router is a single box solution for triple play applications. It features VDSL2 bonding, which provides twice the downstream bandwidth (8, 12, 17MHz profiles) over comparable single-port models. The NL-3112u supports ADSL2+ fallback when connected to an ADSL2+ bonded-capable DSLAM. With PTM mode support, it can provide better performance than a regular ATM mode router. The NL-3112u is equipped with three Fast Ethernet ports, one Gigabit FlexPort and an high-power 802.11n WLAN Access Point (AP). Additionally, the NL-3112u features QoS, VPN and remote management with TR-069 support.
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