Leveraging the Power of XGS-PON Open Architecture with Comtrend and TiBit

Looking for a better way to deliver XGS-PON? Comtrend and TiBit have partnered to create a flexible, open, and scalable solution. Read on to discover how.


In the rapidly evolving broadband landscape, Comtrend has continued to  champion open solutions, challenging traditional closed architecture models that have service provider facing challenges like:

  • Relying on a single vendor solution leaves you vulnerable to supply shortages
  • Being subject to single vendor pricing in a rising-subscription price model
  • Being locked into one vendor’s ecosystem leaves you unable to access competitive options

Comtrend’s answer to these struggles is our commitment to a “Mix & Match Methodology“, an approach that prioritizes viable, current, and flexible solutions. To further enhance our offerings, Comtrend has partnered with TiBit, a revolutionary access solution technology provider. This article explores the benefits of this collaboration and how it is revolutionizing Fiber access through open architecture.

Introducing TiBit: A Game-Changing Access Solution

TiBit stands out as a remarkable access solution technology that has garnered attention and adoption from major Service Providers in the United States. Its innovative SFP+ OLT MicroPlug enables Service Providers to launch and maintain cutting-edge XGS-PON broadband services at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods.

Customers that have chosen TiBit MicroPlug OLT

The Power of Openness

One of the key differentiators of TiBit is its commitment to openness. Unlike the conventional approach of relying on expensive proprietary OLT Chassis from a single vendor, TiBit offers an end-to-end XGS-PON solution through open architecture. This eliminates the OLT Chassis, removes the limitations associated with closed systems, and allows Service Providers with more freedom and flexibility.

So what are the benefits of an open solution? 


  • Freedom from Vendor Lock-In
    With TiBit and Comtrend’s solution, Service Providers are no longer tied to a single vendor for their XGS-PON deployments. The replacement of the Chassis with the TiBit MicroPlug allows operators to use any switch for deployment, opening up a world of possibilities and multiple vendor options. This freedom from vendor lock-in empowers Service Providers to choose the best components and technologies that suit their specific needs, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.
  • Simplified Network Deployment

    TiBit’s approach simplifies the network deployment process, making it easier for Service Providers to get started. In just four hours, operators can have the TiBit solution up and running, enabling rapid service rollout and reducing time-to-market. The simplicity of deployment and maintenance further minimizes the effort required from network operators. This streamlines operations and maximizes efficiency.

  • Cost-Effective 

    In addition to its flexibility and simplicity, TiBit offers a cost-effective solution for XGS-PON deployments. The low deployment cost associated with TiBit’s MicroPlug and the ability to leverage existing switches helps Service Providers save significantly on infrastructure investments. This cost advantage plays a crucial role in the ever-changing landscape of subscription pricing, allowing operators to offer competitive services while maintaining profitability.

  • Scalable Solution

    While closed systems with an inflexible OLT chassis require thousands of endpoints to offset initial high upfront costs, the TiBit MicroPlug OLT is completely scalable. ISPs can start with just one and scale as they grow. This is ideal for ISPs that are just now entering the fiber deployment stage of their evolution or are seasoned fiber providers interested in exploring a new technology. 

Experience the TiBit Advantage

If this all sounds too good to be true, Comtrend invites you to get in touch with their sales representatives to learn more about TiBit and its capabilities. They can provide you with a test kit, allowing you to witness the power of TiBit first hand. Experience the simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and freedom that TiBit brings to XGS-PON deployments.

The Comtrend Advantage 


As we explore the offerings of the Comtrend and TiBit partnership, let’s take a closer look at the impressive lineup of Comtrend’s ONTs, designed to meet the specific needs of residential and business customers.

Comtrend’s GRG-4283 for Residential Deployments 


For residential deployments, Comtrend presents the GRG-4283. This Residential ONT boasts impressive specifications, including XGS-PON WAN connectivity, 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet LAN port, and 2 VoIP ports. With the GRG-4283, customers can enjoy lightning-fast broadband access while seamlessly connecting multiple devices and even leveraging VoIP services.

XGS-PON ONT GRG-4283 Application Diagram with 2 VOIP Ports, 2.5 Gigabit LAN, Symmetric 10G/10G UL/DL
GRG-4283 Application Diagram

Comtrend’s GRG-4286 for Residential and Business Deployments


But Comtrend doesn’t stop there. For those seeking a residential or business solution with even higher performance capabilities, they offer the GRG-4286. This ONT is built to excel in demanding environments, featuring XGS-PON WAN connectivity and an astounding 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN. With its unmatched speed and connectivity options, the GRG-4286 is ideal for power users, businesses, and organizations that require lightning-fast internet access.

XGS-PON ONT GRG-4286 Application Diagram, 10 Gigabit LAN, Symmetric 10G/10G UL/DL
GRG-4286 Application Diagram

With Comtrend’s GRG-4283 and GRG-4286, the possibilities for delivering fast and reliable broadband access to your customers are limitless. Whether it’s for residential or business applications, Comtrend’s ONTs, in collaboration with TiBit’s cutting-edge technology, provides the foundation for an unparalleled broadband experience.




The partnership between Comtrend and TiBit presents a game-changing solution for Service Providers in the broadband access industry. By leveraging the power of XGS-PON open architecture, TiBit’s innovative technology brings unprecedented flexibility, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness to network deployments. With TiBit, Service Providers can break free from vendor lock-in, streamline operations, and offer competitive services while maximizing profitability. Embrace the future of broadband access with Comtrend and TiBit’s groundbreaking partnership.

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