ACS – Full Version

Server Software | TR-069 Auto-Configuration Server Software | TR-069 CPE Management
“Comtrend’s Auto-Configuration Server (CT-ACS) is a TR-069-capable server in the broadband network, responsible for auto-configuration of the CPE. The Comtrend CT-ACS complies with the DSL Forum’s TR-069 standard. TR-069 is a CPE WAN Management Protocol, and it provides the communication between CPEs and ACS. It includes both a safe auto configuration, and the control of other CPE management functions within an integrated framework. In the course of the boom of the broadband market, the number of different Internet access possibilities are growing as well. At the same time the configuration of this equipment becomes more complicated — too complicated for the end-users. For this reason the TR-069-capable CT-ACS has been developed by Comtrend. The Comtrend CT-ACS adheres to the TR-069 standard and provides the possibility of auto configuration of these access types. The TR-069 enabled devices can get in contact with the CT-ACS and establish the configuration automatically. Accordingly other service functions can also be provided.”
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