Two Midwestern Telcos Select The Comtrend NexusLink Bonded ASDL2+ Residential Gateway For Deployment

Wisconsin’s Bayland Telephone, Rural Telephone in Kansas Deliver HD, IPTV Over Existing Copper Wires at Greater Distances Using ADSL2+ Bonded Technology

IRVINE, CA (June 11, 2008) Comtrend Corp., a leading supplier of broadband, VoIP and data networking equipment, today announced that two U.S. regional telecom companies, Rural Telephone and Bayland Telephone, have adopted Comtrend’s NexusLink ADSL2+ Bonded modems as their exclusive residential platform for ADSL2+ deployment. The selections make it possible for both companies to deliver IPTV, HD programming and other next-generation services over copper.

Bonded ADSL2+ technology is a fast-growing alternative to fiber and other digital services distribution methods. Bonded ADSL2+, defined through the International Telecommunication Union’s ITU-T G.998.1 standard, combines two or more copper pairs as a single connection. The technology allows telcos to deliver up to 48 Mbps of downstream throughput speed over a bonded set of copper pairs. Without the need for adding extra infrastructure, telcos have the ability to deliver High-Definition Video along with higher data speeds at long distances from a Central Office.

Comtrend’s NexusLink modem is specifically designed to make ADSL2+ Bonded technology possible. “The NexusLink bonded ADSL2+ modem allows us to deploy mature HD MPEG2 IPTV to our customers,said Shane Broyles, Central Office Manager for Rural Telephone, an all-digital communications company in Northwestern Kansas heavily oriented toward high-speed data and computer applications. “This saves us the significant expense of converting our content to MPEG4 and working through the challenges that this new technology presents to both our set top vendors and middleware provider. We can also provide IPTV and premium Internet access at longer distances using our existing copper plant._ The NexusLink modem supports Triple Play architectures and doubles the bandwidth performance of traditional ADSL2+ modems. The device has four 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11g wireless LAN, dual ADSL line and USB interfaces including host function for peripheral devices. As a fully functional residential gateway, the NexusLink has full routing capabilities including traffic management and TR-069 capability. Comtrend was first to announce availability of Bonded ADSL2+ CPE products in 2005.

“The NexusLink modem has enabled our rollout of HD content to our subscribers. It has maximized the bandwidth we can deliver on our existing infrastructure while keeping the installation clean and professional,stated Paul Hermsen, Broadband Manager for Bayland Telephone of Abrams, Wisconsin. “Our HD deployment to this point simply wouldn’t be possible without the NexusLink modem._ ADSL2+ Bonded technology gives telcos an immediate solution to meet the competitive demands of the broadband market.. Only conventional standards compliant ADSL2+ equipment is required at the central office or network node, with a Bonded ADSL2+ gateway like NexusLink the only CPE required.

Both Rural Telephone and Bayland Telephone have begun use of NexusLink modems in the field. For more information about the Comtrend NexusLink ADSL2+ Bonded Residential Gateway and other Comtrend products visit:

About Comtrend Corp.:

With more than 7 million products installed, Comtrend is a leading global supplier of Broadband equipment. Comtrend offers a broad array of leading edge, high-quality Broadband products that embeds ADSL, ADSL2+, Bonded ADSL2+, VDSL2 and GPON technologies to support; triple-play voice, video and data applications including IP-Video, VoIP, WiFi and industry standard QoS with VLAN traffic assignment; IGMP snooping and IGMP proxy providing efficient traffic management and control in IP multicast applications. Comtrend is a global company with headquarters in Irvine, California, and offices in Madrid, Spain and Taipei, Taiwan. For more information, visit the Comtrend web site at:

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