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Router Limits’ management software will come fully integrated into select Comtrend gateways to enable an Internet Management solution that includes parental controls, mobile protection, bandwidth monitoring, and speed testing.


Parental control features include managing screen time, filtering content, tracking browsing history, and more. This solution manages the Internet at the work level, giving end-users even greater control to regulate all of their connected devices individually.


The bandwidth-monitoring tool analyses data traffic to provide detailed information on throughput usage in real time and identify which devices are hogging data or slowing down their connection.

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Router Limits has its own mobile app available that enables end-users to control network management regardless of where iOS and Android are connected (e.g., LTE, school, etc.).


The speed-testing tool allows end-users to reliably check the speed and status of their Internet. This allows both Customer Service Representatives and subscribers to more accurately diagnose connectivity issues.

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84% of families use or want parental controls

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