Early Adopter Program

Add Your Insight and Experience to Comtrend’s Emerging ProductsAs a participant of Comtrend’s Early Adopter Program (EAP), you will be a subject-matter expert on the needs and expectations of your fellow Service Providers. Your input and feedback on pre-release products, both hardware and software, will aid in the final determination of products offered in North America. You will communicate directly with Product Development to rate current roadmap strategies- as well as propose new ideas that would benefit companies like yours. How to Participate A Service Provider may request to join Comtrend’s EAP at www.comtrend.com/na. Selection is made from current Comtrend customers deploying the latest technologies. If you are interested in joining, contact your Comtrend account manager for further details. Results Participants can expect to influence many aspects of CPE, such as integration of home networking technologies in various gateways- as well as software features across the Comtrend product line. Additionally, a few service providers will assist in the continued growth and development of Comtrend’s CT-ACS (Remote Management Software). Program Requirements

A current customer of Comtrend; your main office must be within the US, Canada, or US territories.

Committed to timely and detailed responses, either online and/or telephone based on your opinion and specific findings (when applicable).

Have the specified technology deployed in the field to paying customers.

Have the specified technology in a test-only location.

    Call for Early Adopter Program Participants Contact your account manager if you are interested in becoming a participant in Comtrend’s Early Adopter Program. Areas of participation include IPTV, VoIP, Security, various home networking technologies (including HPNA, MoCA, WiFi), as well as Set-Top-Boxes and SmartMeter- over various mediums, such as copper, fiber, satellite, and cellular. Contact us here:  ComtrendConnection@Comtrend.com

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