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Sales & Marketing Promotion:  August 2014 through May 31st, 2015 Available to both – new & current Comtrend Customers! New/Returning Customers Can qualify by purchasing 500+ units of one Comtrend model. A new or returning customer has no purchase history of Comtrend product in the prior 12 months. Current Customers Can qualify by purchasing 500+ units of one model in a new Product Group. Check the Product Group flyer and purchase from a group not purchased in the prior 12 months. And Receive Your Choice…
  1. $2,000 check to your company, or
  2. 100 Free units of the same model, or
  3. Free units of another model! Click on the model numbers below to see free units per selection.
Simply buy 500 or more of one product to qualify during this promotion! One promotional offer per Product Group! Units purchased for or acquired via promotion may not be returned except for warranty service. 1

Not sure if you qualify?   Need more info? 

Email: Or call your sales rep!

 Customer is responsible for shipping free units from Comtrend. No mix & match. No rain checks. Selection based on product availability; please email for prize selection. Comtrend is not bound by inadvertent error, omissions, or terms inconsistent with the intent of this promotional offer. Program and terms are subject to change, including extension or early termination without notice dicover

Product Groups For Discover Comtrend Promotion

Click on the model number to reveal the free-unit offer.

Home/Office Networking

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                                                  Service Provider Gateways [table id=2 /] Example:  XYZ Telco buys CT-5072’s  every month [Group 6]. They qualify as NEW if they buy from any other group Download the details: Email:
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