Comtrend’s Wave 2 Powerline Wins a Gold in the 13th Annual 2021 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards

Comtrend Named Gold Winner in Golden Bridge Awards for Innovative Wave 2 Powerline with Integrated 4-Port Switch to Connect Even More Devices

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Comtrend announced today that The Globee® Awards, organizers of world’s premier business awards programs and business ranking lists, has named its PG-9182S4 Wave 2 Powerline Adapter, a gold winner in the 13th Annual 2021 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards.

Comtrend, with over 30 years of experience delivering advanced solutions to Service Providers, solved the Internet connectivity issue behind the living room entertainment center. With many resorting to unstable or insu􀂨cient wireless connections, Comtrend created a solution to bring hard-wired Internet to hardto- reach and/or remote locations. Until now, the two most common choices were (1) running Ethernet cable to the location (di􀂨cult/costly/and very inconvenient) or (2) using Wireless, a less-than-perfect medium for HD video. Additionally, it was of the utmost importance that the solution delivered consistent premium quality video so that the service would not result in a technical support call or truck roll to troubleshoot the issue. The solution is an integrated Powerline adapter with multiple Ethernet ports.

Comtrend has now launched their next generation Wave 2 Powerline Adapter with an integrated 4- port switch, the PG- 9182S4, to allow up to four devices to connect with one adapter.

Older Powerline technology could not reliably cross electrical phases which resulted in poor performance., through the use of new technologies and standards, is able to achieve better real-world performance.

  • Powerline is specifically designed to deliver optimized streaming of high-bandwidth applications, such as HD video streaming and gaming, by better managing interference that is common and expected in the home. It utilizes Forward Error Correction (FEC) technology called LDPC (Low density parity check) that ensures that packets are delivered error-free at fastest-possible speeds. This paradigm promotes smooth video transmissions versus the lag that occurs in video if signals are consistently retransmitted.
  • utilizes NDIM (Neighboring Domain Interference Mitigation) for anti-interference functionality when there are other Powerline adapters (HPAV/ in neighboring apartments, condos, etc. This allows for consistently delivered high-performance speeds.
  • reliably crosses electrical phases using MIMO dual-phase technology and LDPC which results in higher speeds and greater stability.

Comtrend has now launched their next generation Wave 2 Powerline Adapter with an integrated 4-port switch, the PG-9182S4, to allow up to four devices to connect with one adapter. This new adapter features all of the existing Wave 1 technology benefits as well as supports additional technologies like a new Quick Noise Adaptation (QNA) algorithm that detects (and avoids) intermittent noise five times faster. With QNA, the PG-9182S4 detects the new channel conditions in a fraction of the time, thus ensuring that latency/jitter sensitive applications such as 4K multicast IPTV are not affected. This avoids negative viewing experiences such as glitches and lag and results in an enhanced video experience. Additionally, the PG-9184S4 offers an improved throughput rate of up to 2Gbps for the most bandwidth-intensive streaming.

Comtrend North America’s Director of Marketing, Dan Knofler, adds, “We are proud to be recognized as an industry player whose Wave 2 Powerline have been named a gold winner by the Globee Awards. Behind this distinguished success is our product innovations and relentless drive to stay customer focused. We believe this recognition from Globee Awards further validates our commitment to our customers.”

For more information on the award-winning PG-9182S4 please visit

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We know Service Providers. Comtrend has been in the business of supporting Communication Service Providers for over 30 years, and we are proud of our history and the partnerships that we have grown. Our mission is to design and manufacture purpose-built solutions for Service Providers, allowing them to easily provide reliable, best-in-class home connectivity to their subscribers. Comtrend remains committed to offering the latest industry technologies, including Fiber and DSL broadband gateways, wireless and Powerline home networking, and leading-edge Service Provider ACS analytics, management, and CAF Reporting Solutions.

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Globee Awards are conferred in eleven programs and competition: the CEO World Awards®, the Consumer World Awards®, The Customer Sales & Service World Awards®, the Globee® International Best in Business Awards, the Golden Bridge Awards®, the Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards® and Security World Awards, the IT World Awards®, One Planet® American Best in Business Awards, the Globee® Employer Excellence Awards®, the Globee® Corporate Communications & Marketing World Awards, and the Women World Awards®. Honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind their success, the Globee Awards recognize outstanding achievements and performances in businesses worldwide. Learn more about the Globee Awards at twitter @globeeawards #globeeawards #goldenbridgeawards All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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