Comtrend’s Wave 2 Powerline Adapter Wins Gold in the 15th Annual 2020 IT World Award®

PG-9182PT Powerline Best Product Winner
Comtrend's PG-9182PT, a Wave 2 Powerline Adapter, has earned the Gold as Best Product in the Telecommunications category by Network Products Guide.

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Comtrend’s Wave 2 Powerline Adapter Wins Gold in the 15th Annual 2020 IT World Award®

Comtrend, a leader in advanced networking solutions, announced today that Network Products Guide, industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide, has named Comtrend’s Wave 2 Powerline, the PG-9182PT (globally known as the PG-9083) a Gold Winner in the 15th Annual 2020 Network PG’s IT World Awards®. The PG-9182PT was selected a Best Product winner in the Telecommunications category.

The PG-9182PT Wave 2 Powerline adapter delivers data via the existing electrical wiring, and is acknowledged as an ideal solution for Service Providers struggling to provide connectivity in hard-to-reach locations (i.e. basements, garages, home offices, etc.). technology offers a marked improvement in Powerline performance over previous technologies. It does this by supporting not only the existing and unique Wave 1 technology benefits, but also featuring improved Wave 2 technologies like a new Quick Noise Adaptation (QNA) algorithm that detects (and avoids) intermittent noise five times faster. Additionally, utilizes NDIM (Neighboring Domain Interference Mitigation) for anti-interference functionality when there are other Powerline adapters (HPAV/ in neighboring apartments, condos, etc. that allows for consistently delivered high-performance speeds.

“This award acknowledges the advanced technology of Comtrend’s Powerline Adapter, and confirms the unique benefits it offers the Service Provider,” says Richard Castreje, Product Manager at Comtrend North America. “We strive to bring purpose-built solutions to Service Provides that reduce support calls, truck rolls, and operational costs, while simultaneously providing reliability and top-tier performance.”

The PG-9182PT features the following Service Provider benefits:

1. Remote Manageability: The PG-9182PT supports the widely-used, Service-Provider protocol called TR-069 to easily setup, manage, troubleshoot, and control the device remotely. This results in reduced truck rolls and operational costs.

2. Easy Setup: Unlike running Ethernet cable throughout a home, the PG-9182PT is so simple to use that Service Providers can have it up and running within minutes. Service Providers could even choose to send the devices directly to end consumers for a self-install. This has become increasingly important as Service Providers navigate the “next normal” of COVID-19. Service Providers are able to maintain safe installations by sending subscribers these self-installable adapters.

3. Reliable Alternative When WiFi Fails: When WiFi just isn’t good enough or cannot reach far enough, Powerline is a dependable alternative. Since Powerline uses the existing electrical wiring to deliver connectivity, it is able to go through walls and building material that would typically negatively impact WiFi performance. Therefore, Powerline delivers hard-wired speeds to hard-to-reach or remote locations.

4. Continued Enhancements to Software Capabilities: Service Providers will see Comtrend’s continued commitment to enhance capabilities for the PG-9182PT. For example, when the PG-9182PT is used with a Comtrend Gateway and Comtrend ACS 3.1, Service Providers can utilize its Customer Service Representative portal for diagnostic recommendations and proactive performance monitoring. Additionally, an end-consumer Mobile App is now available. The Mobile App will further guide setup, allow WiFi setting changes, speed tests, and more!

5. Secure Connection with the Touch of a Button: When paired together, the PG-9182PT encrypts the powerline network with 128-bit data encryption.

6. Expandable Powerline Network: Once a Powerline network is created, it can continue to grow with additional adapters. Comtrend offers a lineup of Wave 2 Powerline Adapters that can enable WiFi expansion, PoE expansion, and a 4-Port Switch options. A network can consist of up to 16 Powerline adapters.

7. Compact Design with Pass-Through Outlet: The PG-9182PT blends seamlessly into subscriber’s homes with its compact and sleek design. It also features a pass-through outlet, so that it doesn’t block the existing wall power outlet and additional devices can still be plugged in.

For more information on Comtrend’s Wave 2 Powerline, please contact your Sales Representative or email If you have an inquiry for outside of North America, then please contact:

About Comtrend

We know Service Providers. Comtrend has been in the business of supporting Communication Service Providers for over 30 years, and we are proud of our history and the partnerships that we have grown. Our mission is to design and manufacture purpose-built solutions for Service Providers, allowing them to easily provide reliable, best-in-class home connectivity to their subscribers. Comtrend remains committed to offering the latest industry technologies, including Fiber and DSL broadband gateways, wireless and Powerline home networking, and leading-edge Service Provider ACS analytics, management, and CAF Reporting Solutions.

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