Comtrend, Opera and Vianeos: a partnership made in IPTV heaven

Opera Software announced its partnership with Comtrend and Vianeos, and Comtrend is excited to be able to expand its market share around the world with Vianeos as its strategic partner.

With more than 10 millions products installed, Comtrend already has a strong presence in the IPTV market. This new partnership with Opera and Vianeos allows Comtrend to continually add new features and incorporate new communication standards into its products.

“An incredible development is happening in the IPTV market right now,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “Passive TV viewing is soon to be a thing of the past; Comtrend, Opera and Vianeos are happy to lay the foundation for the innovative solutions we see today”

“With Opera and Comtrend, we bring to the market a never-before-experienced technology with exciting features and attractive pricings; with the capability for multi-language management, the Opera browser is instrumental in helping us deploy our solutions worldwide.” said Christophe Hude, Vianeos CEO.

“Integrated with the Opera browser and fitted with the VIANEOS middleware Octopus, Comtrend STB-7007 is delivering a brand new experience to our hospitality customers.”said Michel Kuntz, Sales Director Comtrend, France.

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