Comtrend Launches Ethernet over Coax Adapter, the New Standard in Ethernet over Coax Networking

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Comtrend launches Ethernet over Coax Adapter creating a truly simple and affordable alternative to WiFi for home networking. IRVINE, CA (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 Comtrend, a leader in advanced networking solutions, introduces its first standards-based Ethernet over Coax Adapter, the GCA-6000. The GCA-6000 introduces a new standard in coax networking, and uses existing coaxial (cable) lines to bring high performance Internet throughout a home or business, including remote areas with WiFi dead spots. Product Manager at Comtrend North America, Fiona Hsiao, explains further, “Whether you need a replacement for your current coax networking solution, are looking for an improvement to WiFi or Powerline performance, or simply do not want to incur the cost of pulling Ethernet cable, our new GCA-6000 Ethernet over Coax Adapter offers a new, improved solution for the networking market.” Coaxial lines are now more available than ever to deliver highly reliable and fast Internet, making it an excellent option for Telco, Cable, and Satellite service providers, and VARs alike. As most homes are already wired with coaxial lines, it eliminates the need for costly rewiring and unnecessary truck rolls. Comtrend’s new Ethernet over Coax Adapter offers all of the benefits of standard coax technology, while also providing the superior features of such as delivering gigabit level performance and using technologies such as LDPC FEC (Forward Error Correction) to deliver an enhanced video streaming experience. The GCA-6000 is also extremely accessible to consumers. With its plug-n-play setup, consumers can easily create a fast Ethernet network through their coaxial lines and deliver high-performance Internet access to their connected devices within minutes. Consumers can take full advantage of the latest high-bandwidth applications and services such as streaming of HD TV, UHD/4K TV, OTT services, access to cloud-based resources, and online gaming. For the HomeGrid Forum, the global alliance of innovators, technology and system vendors and service providers that have united to support and promote, the introduction of the first coax products is an important next step following the success of new powerline products into several markets during this year. HomeGrid Forum’s President Donna Yasay commented: “The power of is in the fact that it works over any wire using the same technology. Coax products are quickly following the successful entry of powerline products in the market and we support and applaud the efforts of Comtrend and other members to bring coax products to market.” Comtrend was the first company to pass HomeGrid Forum certification standards with its PG-9172 Powerline Adapter, and has continued to show its commitment to with the release of a Power over Ethernet (PoE) Powerline Adapter and Wireless Powerline Adapter this month. Please note, the GCA-6000 will coexist with most services such as Broadband, Satellite, and FTTx, however, it is not recommended in environments where Cable services are being actively used (Internet/TV). Availability The GCA-6000 is currently available to sample. Please speak to your sales representative or email NA.Sales(at)Comtrend(dot)com to acquire samples today. About Comtrend This year, Comtrend celebrates its 25th anniversary in the high-tech industry. Since 1990, Comtrend has become one of the leading global providers of advanced networking solutions. Comtrend designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of networking equipment consisting of bonded A/VDSL2, as well as home and office networking technologies. Comtrend is committed to industry standards, interoperability and market-leading performance. The company has its North American headquarters in Irvine, California. For more information, including Comtrend’s full lineup of home networking solutions, please visit

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