Comtrend Announces Its First WiFi 6 Gateway to Service Providers

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In support of Service Providers, Comtrend introduces the VR-3071, a WiFi 6 VDSL Gateway, featuring the next evolutionary step in wireless technologies.

Service Providers have an increasing demand for better WiFi from the Gateways they provide to their home and business customers. WiFi 6 is touted as tomorrow’s solution, arriving today. The demand for better wireless continues to grow due to the exponential increase in wireless devices. The quantity is only one factor, as the quality of connection is being driven by such bandwidth-intensive items as video-streaming door cameras, ultra-high-definition televisions, split-second player vs. player games, telemedicine, and much more. Comtrend’s new VR-3071 showcases WiFi 6 in a VDSL Gateway to enable Service Providers entrance to this new platform of wireless standardization.

Previous wireless standards were relatively ill-equipped to handle the multitude of simultaneous connections, a problem addressed by WiFi 6’s technology: Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA). Designed to overcome this specifically, it reduces the wireless congestion that plagues busy homes, public areas, and offices. The increase in efficiency covers the quantity of connected devices and improves their individual connections by decreasing the interference with one another. In the real world, gaming consoles compete to consume bandwidth at the lowest latency possible, allowing gamers with better connections a competitive advantage. WiFi 6 brings these connections closer to wire speed.

Like the development of the Internet, what once started slow is blazing fast now. The adoption of WiFi 6 across consumer electronics is already underway faster than any previous wireless generation and Service Providers will want to get ahead of the curve. Devices that support WiFi 6 will not get the advantages from routers with previous generations of WiFi (i.e. WiFi 5). While it will take years for the vast array of wireless devices, including printers, garage door openers, smart lights, etc., to gain WiFi 6, it is clear that the number one type of device, the phone, will arrive in the short term from the major manufacturers.

Service Providers continually list WiFi problems as the number one customer service call. Comtrend’s commitment to emerging technologies, including the VR-3071 with WiFi 6, addresses this head on. Combined with industry standard TR-069 protocol, multi-platform CAF II solution support, and the latest Powerline technology, Comtrend seeks to solve Service Provider problems.

John DiFrenna, Vice President of Sales and Marketing states, “We are excited to announce the addition of the WiFi 6 enabled VR-3071 to our Comtrend gateway portfolio. This new wireless technology is on the cusp of large-scale adoption as enabled devices from manufacturers in varying categories begin to become available in the marketplace. As our Service Provider’s customers have access to those devices, early deployment of the associated gateways will allow them to immediately take full advantage of the WiFi improvements. This is a great marketing opportunity for our Service Providers. “

Comtrend’s lineup of gateways that feature WiFi 6 will start with the single-line VDSL gateway with more to follow.  For live updates on Comtrend’s WiFi 6 Lineup, visit:

For more information, please contact a Comtrend sales representative or send an email to NA(dot)Sales(at)Comtrend(dot)com

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