Comtrend Announces Development of G.Fast Gateway Series with Fiber-Like Speeds over Existing Copper Wire

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Comtrend’s Gateways will enable a more cost-efficient strategy than today’s Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) installations. Irvine, CA (PRWEB) May 05, 2016 Comtrend, a leader in xDSL Gateways and advanced networking solutions, has announced its development of their first VDSL Gateway, the GFR-9510. The GFR-9510, through technology, uses the existing copper infrastructure to offer gigabit speeds over short distances, making it the ideal alternative to FTTH installations. Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Comtrend North America, John DiFrenna, comments “Pragmatically speaking, it’s simply too expensive to deploy fiber to all non-green-field homes. Service providers will soon be able to offer hundreds of megabytes of service to customers without seeking additional debt to finance the every-home fiber-initiative. Taking full advantage of existing copper with the strategic placement of the DPUs lowers the cost of to roughly one-fifth the cost of fiber. We’re pushing our efforts and our partners to bring this to market by the first half of 2017.” Service Providers have long enjoyed their deployed copper, making the addition of an excellent option. Instead of the time-consuming, customer-inconveniencing, home-installation of fiber, can be deployed without trenching fiber to every residence. In addition, technology is able to reach download speeds of 500Mbps-700Mbps within 200 meters of a home. The average cost for a 200 meter connection is estimated to be below $300, or approximately one-fifth the cost of fiber to the home. This type of deployment uses fiber to a distribution point and existing copper for the final segment. Comtrend’s GFR-9510 is ground-breaking, offering triple technology access:, VDSL, and Ethernet WAN. Service Providers can deploy one unit in three different scenarios. Additionally, the GFR-9510 boasts the latest broadband gateway technologies: a Dual Core ARM A9, 64-bit, 1GHz processor, Dual-Band AC2050 wireless, and all gigabit Ethernet ports. The telecommunications industry has long sought the use of copper to deliver fiber-like speeds to customers that need high-bandwidth applications and services such as streaming of HD TV, UHD/4K TV, OTT services, access to cloud-based resources, and online gaming. Today, looks to address this need that may delay fiber to the home indefinitely. This GFR-9510 will be available to sample in the second half of 2016. About Comtrend Comtrend, with more than 25 years of experience, has become one of the leading global providers of advanced networking solutions. Comtrend designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of networking and surveillance equipment and software. Service providers, businesses, and consumers look to Comtrend for broadband gateways, as well as the latest WiFi, surveillance, Powerline, and coax technologies. Comtrend also remains committed to industry standards, like for home networking, as well as interoperability and market-leading performance. People in businesses and homes around the world trust Comtrend to make their technology easier and more dependable. For more information, including Comtrend’s full lineup of home networking solutions, please visit

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