Sample Request- Service Providers

  • Fast Track Evaluation Program for Service Providers

    Welcome! Service Providers have an exclusive opportunity to request CPE from Comtrend to evaluate for 45 days. This includes Telephone, Cable, and Internet Service Providers currently providing broadband access to residential and/or business customers. DSL units can be pre-configured at no cost based on the information you provide below. Up to three models/units may be sent per evaluation period. Comtrend will call or email for clarification to ensure correct configuration and shipping. By requesting the sample(s), you are agreeing to evaluate the product for your company’s utilization during the 45 day period. Returning or purchasing the CPE is at your discretion. Please contact our sales department with any questions.  

      Product Interested in Evaluating:  
      Custom Network Settings (Overview)
      Other Settings & Requirements:
        Comtrend offers Custom Software per model at no charge to customers. Once loaded, units return to these default settings after a standard reset and power cycle. Custom Software can be loaded onto each CPE by customer or distributor- who may require an additional charge. Sample availability is contingent upon inventory; Comtrend may approve or deny requests and/or cancel this program without notice.