Comtrend compatibility with Axis PoE cameras: Installation in MINUTES, Not Hours.

Published on Nov 22, 2016

There is now a better way to install PoE Cameras. This video demonstrates how Comtrend’s Powerline Adapters can simplify installation of a PoE camera, like the AXIS Companion Dome V. Installers only need a fraction of the time and far less wiring than a typical installation. Let’s reduce or prevent attic time, drywall repair, and installer frustration.

We’ve obsoleted the “CAT5 Home Run”. Every device Does Not Need its own newly wired Ethernet connection. Your home or office already has the wiring you need; Powerline has the speed and security to connect up to 16 PoE cameras. Professionals will book twice as many installs a day.

You can find the solution and products here: