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How to connect all of your RV sites to problem-free Internet with your current coax wiring.

At a Glance

“Adding wireless Internet with pole-mounted APs was costly and actually caused more complaints. Support calls fell to zero when we switched to coax broadband delivery.”

We stopped our wireless deployment and did a trial of the coax solution.

It was an unmitigated success with 100% positive feedback. We initiated a full-park rollout.”

“Over 80% of people want an Internet connection in the RV.”

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A seasonal RV park in Canada had 150 sites. Demand was rising for better internet- and wireless was both expensive and problematic. They sought a way to economically change so as to deliver stable and secure wireless to all RV customers.


  • To create a long-term Internet solution that would reliably and economically deliver broadband to all RV customers.
  • Installation to new and old sites must be easy to add or convert with minimal effort. Goal is to avoid re-trenching wherever possible.
  • Customer should expect a like-home or office Internet experience. This includes a fast and private wireless network.

Solution Elements

The RV Park found their solution with Comtrend’s Coaxial Adapters. Virtually all RV’s have an external coaxial jack and the RV park was already outfitted with coaxial cable to each site.

Coax In Coax Adapter

Ethernet Out

Results & Benefits

RV Campers rent or already own a wireless router, just like home. Their wired RV Internet will be fast and have low latency, PLUS have strong WiFi and a secure firewall.

The hard-wired connection is hiding in plain site.

  • Virtually all RV’s have one or two coaxial connections, typically used for satellite and/or cable TV.
  • No one wants to drill the RV side to install Ethernet.

Existing Hook-Ups are used as the new Internet Connection.

  • The coaxial connection (RG6) is often a standard hookup.
  • Since this junction is just connecting cables, no power is needed here .

Existing Hook-Ups are used as the new Internet Connection.

  • Inside the RV, the coaxial line is connected to the Comtrend Coax Adapter. Its Ethernet connects to the Wireless Router’s WAN port- creating the Just-Like-Home Internet RV Experience.

A Closer Look At the Solution

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Next Steps: Get more details!

Option 1: Fill out the form to receive more information to see how you can deliver problem-free internet with your existing coax cables!

Find a detailed interview summary with an RV Park architect and get answers to FAQs such as:  

  • How much bandwidth to each site?
  • How long does it take to install?
  • How do you manage the equipment?
  • Would you reconsider better wireless points?

Excerpt from our "RV Park Customer Installation"

“We knew the biggest, and most obvious, challenge to deploying any hard-wired internet solution, is the installment of all the cabling. This is relatively easy in new construction, as we would be trenching in electrical cables anyway. In order to upgrade existing sites, additional trenching (for underground solutions) is necessary. This can be a challenge depending on soil conditions, and how well existing underground obstacles (wires, pipes, etc.) can be located.

One unexpected challenge for us was getting…”

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