How Comtrend is Responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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We have been working diligently with telecom engineers to put together some useful steps that Service Providers could utilize to reduce social contact per national health guidelines. Until recently, installation and support have always worked best in person, on-premise, with a guarantee of good service before a technician would leave.

Comtrend's Mission

Today, to protect both your employees and your subscribers, it is imperative to reduce or remove this interaction while trying to attain the same level of customer satisfaction. We are calling this, "The Pursuit of Zero Touch." If a self-install is possible, perfect. If better home WiFi can be a delivered kit with good instructions and a support number to call, that would help too.

Below are steps to help better protect you, your subscribers and their families, and keep them supported as we navigate the complexities of COVID-19 and its implications.

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The Pursuit of Zero Touch: 4 Steps You Can Take


1. Implement Self-Installs


2. Utilize ACS Remote Management


3. Prepare for Increased WiFi Demands


4. Maintain 90-Day Inventory Levels

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Cut down your time at the customer premise & Maintain Social Distancing

• When possible, begin implementing self-installs instead of visiting the customer premise. If you are utilizing TR-069, DHCP, or custom firmware, then you can use our sample self-install guide to help subscribers self-install the gateway.

• We have started with the NL-3120 sample self-install guide. While we will be providing additional tools in future updates, please know that Comtrend Marketing and Engineering can assist in customizing these guides to your company's unique parameters of installing Comtrend Gateways. Email your Sales Representative for assistance (or

• We understand that PPPoE WAN service is more challenging for some providers as it requires unique settings for each customer. Please talk to us on how we can help with approaching a zero-touch install for this type of service.


Customizable Self-Install Guides

Work with us! We can assist in customizing these guides to your company.



If you don't already, we highly recommend that you get an ACS (Auto Configuration Server)

• Having an ACS enables you to easily setup, manage, troubleshoot, and control the CPE remotely.

• Comtrend offers a FREE ACS option which can be used on all Comtrend hardware.

• Take full advantage of your existing Comtrend ACS solution (Comtrend ACS 3.0 or Fine Point's MountainView) to reduce social interaction.

Comtrend ACS 3.0

Utilize the new CSR (Customer Service Representative) Portal to remotely offer technical support.

• The Network Map can locate problematic WiFi hosts.

• View Connectivity Performance in signal strength RSSI values.

• View individual Internet Speeds (i.e. between the gateway and the Internet, the Mesh Node and the Gateways, and more).



Fine Point's Mountain View

Utilize Fine Point's MountainView Customer Service Representative (CSR) portal to view historical data for a deep dive of information when troubleshooting.

Identify subscriber trends and patterns to better troubleshoot.

• Drill down within a residential network and identify which devices are having issues.

• View connectivity performance in signal strength RSSI.





Have tools ready and available to help subscribers with their Wifi Networks. 

Social distancing has moved work, schooling, and overall social communication to the home. This means greater demands are being put on residential WiFi networks. Learn more about increased Internet usage demands here.

Utilize Powerline + WiFi solutions to easily bring WiFi to remote locations of the home utilizing the existing electrical wiring. Comtrend offers a Powerline + WiFi solution to eliminate those WiFi "dead zones".

Additionally, offer Internet Management with Parental Controls for parents who want to limit their children's Internet access while they stay home from school.




We Recommend that you have at least a 90-day supply of inventory. As the COVID-19 situation dynamically develops, we want you to be prepared for possible increases in demand and changes to the supply chain.


Please use us as a resource with any questions you may have. If you have recommendations for reducing social interaction while supporting broadband needs, please send them our way! We can share them in our next update to help Service Providers across the country.

Below are additional resources:

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