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    Founded in 1990, Comtrend is a leading designer and manufacturer of broadband communication equipment. In 2002, Comtrend distinguished itself in North America by joining the IPTV revolution for telephone service providers. At that time, video over DSL was fraught with quality issues based on the emerging standards, outside plant quality, and interoperability issues. Since that time, Comtrend and the many flavors of DSL have become stable partners to hundreds of service providers worldwide. As new technologies evolved, Comtrend’s broadband gateways have faithfully kept the lead. Today, whether a customer is connected via fiber, cable, satellite, or DSL, a Comtrend gateway will facilitate the fastest connections while integrating TR-069 manageability.  This software technology serves as the backbone to all tiers of service providers, allowing management of tens of thousands of customer premises equipment.

    From 2010 to the present day, Comtrend has continually grown its product lineup, bringing broadband beyond the gateway. Residential and business users seeking easier ways to extend their networks, whether wirelessly or through a hard-wire connection, now have Comtrend traversing power and phone lines, cable, and wireless.  It is apparent today that homes and offices of all sizes cross over to deploy similar technologies.  Our solutions are sought by three major groups:

    Service Providers

    Comtrend’s early IPTV leadership began with such standards as ADSL2+, but quickly evolved into 2+Bonded, VDSL2/Bonded, G.INP, VDSL2 Vectoring, and now Profile 35b and  During this same period, another standard emerged. This one, a protocol known as TR-069, did not get replaced over time. Instead, it grew in complexity and utility as technology became vital in homes and businesses worldwide. In 2003 Comtrend launched its own TR-069-based Auto Configuration Server (ACS) software solution and then went on to add a cloud-based version with ACS Central ™.

    Taking the next step, Comtrend partnered with Fine Point Communications in 2016.  This partnership combined two leading companies’ strengths: Comtrend’s gateways and Fine Point’s TR-069 software platform.  This solution combined standards-based TR-069 elements with additional, propriety elements from Fine Point, allowing customers to perform greater analysis and control of a local area network than is possible with generic TR-069 alone.

    Comtrend created another strategic alliance with a group of Service Providers directly.  This group of sixty representatives at North American service providers, known as Early Adopter Program (EAP) members, share information and opinions, as well as test and evaluate new products and ideas.  This collaboration allows smarter product development and better customer service.





    Comtrend’s emerging business solutions organically grew from the SMB offerings by Service Providers. As the gateway remained the point of entry, customers needed auxiliary elements, such as switches, Powerline, Ethernet over coax, PoE devices, and a wide array of wireless options beyond the consumer level. Comtrend leveraged its global family of businesses that specialized in this product set. In a relatively short period of time, Comtrend’s lineup quickly grew to meet the needs of prosumers, SMB, and small office environments.

    Home Networking

    Comtrend’s Home Networking line-up was quickly adopted by Service Providers urgently seeking new revenue from their well-established, consumer customer base. With online retail sales on the rise, customers would purchase home networking products from one source… only to call their service provider for support. No profit, only loss.

    Comtrend’s retail products began by filling this niche. A professional, retail approach allowed these products to display in service provider showrooms, join on-line sales, and get hand-carried with installers into homes. This new revenue stream enables service providers to meet the real needs of their customers. The family of products has grown to include: a variety of wireless technologies, including extenders, wall and ceiling access points, routers & switches, and the new Powerline and coax adapters.



    Comtrend North America opened its Southern California office in 2001. It is the regional headquarters for sales, support, and inventory control.