Comtrend Announces its First Powerline App with Advanced Wireless Management for Service Providers

Comtrend’s GhnXtend App provides residential customers with new assistance in set-up, management, and optimization of the connected home network.

Irvine, CA– Comtrend, a leader in advanced networking solutions, today announced the availability of the GhnXtend App that provides residential customers with new assistance in set-up, management, and optimization of the connected home network.

With immediate availability on both Android and IOS platforms, Comtrend’s GhnXtend App can manage and monitor a growing array of Comtrend devices across the home or office. Its current release is available on the following popular models:

· PG-9182AC (PG-9082)

· PG-9182PT (PG-9083)

Standard industry practice is to have consumers spend their time and effort on lengthy set-up procedures, whereas the GhnXtend App requires only a connection to their home Wireless network to manage all Comtrend powerline adapters. Likewise, the App includes an installation manual, PHY Rate Monitoring, FAQ Guide, and supports both Wave 1 and Wave 2 technologies.

“Easier is better,” says Richard Castreje, Product Manager for Comtrend North America. “We believe we’ve taken the next technological step in making life better for our Service Providers when their customers deploy Powerline networking with wireless functionality. They won’t miss the calls they don’t receive.”

Service Providers will receive fewer support calls, as the GhnXtend App enables users to access a simple and intuitive interface to both monitor and manage their WiFi adapters from anywhere within the home. By using the integrated Speed Test feature, residential customers will know their intra-home connection speeds, allowing Service Provider CSRs to accurately upsell higher bandwidth Internet plans whenever appropriate.

NOTE: A firmware upgrade may be necessary for effective management by the GhnXtend App.

About Comtrend

We know Service Providers. Comtrend has been in the business of supporting Communication Service Providers for over 30 years, and we are proud of our history and the partnerships that we have grown. Our mission is to design and manufacture purpose-built solutions for Service Providers, allowing them to easily provide reliable, best-in-class home connectivity to their subscribers. Comtrend remains committed to offering the latest standards-based industry technologies, including Fiber and DSL broadband gateways, wireless and Powerline home networking, and leading-edge Service Provider ACS analytics, management, and CAF Reporting Solutions.