Patrick Losey

GFR-9510: AC2050 G.Fast VDSL Gigabit Gateway

The GFR-9510 VDSL Gateway, through technology, uses existing copper infrastructure to offer Gigabit speeds over short distances (200 meters), making it the ideal alternative to FTTH installations.

Avoids long buffer times with the latest Quantenna 802.11ac Wave 2 technology.
Offers gigabit speeds for the latest high-bandwidth applications and services such as streaming HD and UHD IPTV, accessing home-automation, and playing online games.
Reduces truck rolls with remote management to easily fix wireless issues.

Use Existing Copper to Reach Gigabit Speeds

PG-9182 POE – 2000Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter with PoE

Characteristics: Wave 2 Powerline Speeds | 2 PoE-Capable Ethernet Ports

Reliable Powerline with PoE has arrived. Comtrend’s PG-9182PoE is a Wave 2 Powerline Adapter with integrated PoE. It has two PoE ports, making it ideal for connecting PoE devices like VoIP Phones, PoE cameras, and access points.

Pro Tip Wave 2 Powerline adapters can often pair faster by plugging a PG-9182PT into an outlet, and then plugging the second Wave 2 adapter into the PG-9182PT’s pass-through outlet. (Sold in kits and separately.)

NL-3130 – A/VDSL2 Bonded Gateway

The NL-3130 is a high-performance, single-port, A/VDSL2 Bonded Gateway that is ideal for Service Providers that want more flexible wireless integration.

Offers the latest in bonding (up to profile 17a) with twice the downstream/upstream bandwidth over comparable single-line models.
Well suited for residential or small office environments that need high-speed internet access for applications such as online gaming, video streaming, and real-time audio.
Robust capabilities to segment and route IP protocol.

Comtrend Corporation Announces Launch of VDSL2 Bonding Gateway

IRVINE, CA. August 31, 2010 Comtrend Corporation, a global supplier of advanced networking solutions, today announced the release of the NexusLink 3100 series VDSL2 bonding gateway. Very-high-bitrate digital subscriber line (VDSL) bonding represents another example of Comtrend’s focus to drive CPE innovation and support carriers’ needs for additional services and revenue. The new NexusLink 3100 …

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PRT-6302: WiFi 6 AX6000 Ethernet Gateway

Comtrend’s PRT-6302 WiFi 6 Ethernet Gateway offers Gigabit+ Internet speeds for Fiber, Satellite/Wireless, Cable, and other access technologies.

The PRT-6302 combines a super-fast 2.5Gigabit Ethernet WAN, technologically superior WiFi 6, and ultra high 1W power output to overcome slow connections, WiFi dead zones, and WiFi interference.

PG-9182DC: 2000Mbps Powerline + DC Power Output Powerline technology allows you to easily extend a home network via the existing electrical lines. Now, Comtrend’s innovative PG-9182DC Powerline Adapter with DC power output, can both power the Gateway and connect it to the Powerline network at the same time. Simply add one additional adapter to create a powerful, high-speed network connection!

VD-21IR: 2 MP Compact Vandal Dome HD IP Camera

Compact design for the ultimate versatility. Comtrend’s VD21IR Compact Vandal Dome IP Camera offers a sleek compact design for indoor areas, and remains durable with vandal and weather proof certified housing for outdoor areas. It supports 3-axis (pan, tilt and lens module) manual rotation for easy adjustments for the proper viewing site, and with built-in IR LEDs the VD21IR supports day/night function even in an environment with no light.

Case Study: Old Bahama Bay Resort | Tranquility & Relaxation Requires Effortless Wireless

CHALLENGE Old Bahama needed a solution to cover 73 spacious beachfront suites, two separated restaurants and bars, the lobby,.. and all the space in between. While not included in the original specification, it was desirable for Wireless connectivity to reach as much of the marina at the budget would allow, but only after all previous …

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