Comtrend Tech Tips: Troubleshooting Powerline Adapters

Published on Jan. 3, 2018 In this Comtrend Tech Tip video, Sarah explains the meaning of the front indicators as well as how to resolve some potential issues when pairing and securing Powerline Adapters.  

Comtrend Tech Tips: Pairing Powerline Adapters

Published on Dec. 8, 2017 In this Tech Tip, Sarah shows the basics on how to pair and encrypt two of Comtrend’s Powerline Adapters.  

Comtrend’s Most Advanced Ethernet Gateway

Published on Oct 5, 2017 Highlighting Comtrend’s most advanced Gigabit Ethernet gateway, Sarah illustrates how the WR-6895 combines the best hardware and software by a company with nearly 30 years of Telco CPE manufacturing experience.  

Comtrend: Introduction to WifiXtend

Published on Jan 12, 2017 A quick explanation of Comtrend’s new WifiXtend technology, which simplifies AP installations by automating the setup.

Comtrend compatibility with Axis PoE cameras: Installation in MINUTES, Not Hours.

Published on Nov 22, 2016 There is now a better way to install PoE Cameras. This video demonstrates how Comtrend’s Powerline Adapters can simplify installation of a PoE camera, like the AXIS Companion Dome V. Installers only need a fraction of the time and far less wiring than a typical installation. Let’s reduce or […]

Webinar: Comtrend for SkitterTV

Webinar: Comtrend for SkitterTV  

Comtrend: Installing a PoE Camera in MINUTES – Not Hours

Published on Jun 30, 2016 There is now a better way to install PoE Cameras. Using Comtrend’s Powerline Adapters, installers need only a fraction of the time and wiring for a typical job. No more attic time, drywall repair, or frustration. In this video, we cover the steps involved with installing one camera. After […]

Comtrend: Finepoint ACS

Published on Mar 25, 2016 Paired with a Comtrend Gateway, Service Providers are now able to take advantage of cost-saving “virtual truck rolls” enabled by Fine Point’s ACS. In this video, we cover three common customer support issues and how easily they are resolved on the spot with Fine Point’s ACS.

Comtrend: Smartvue S12 Set-Up

Published on Jan 15, 2016 Comtrend introduces their new Surveillance Solutions that feature Professional-Grade HD IP Cameras powered by the latest Smartvue S12 surveillance storage solution. In this quick set-up video, Sarah explains how to set-up the hardware and use the system’s key functions. To find out more, please visit:

Comtrend: Surveillance Solutions for Service Providers

Published on Dec 16, 2015 Comtrend’s Surveillance Solutions presents another recurring revenue opportunity for ISPs. With low costs and high returns, this is an excellent investment that can yield massive profit over the length of multiple contracts. Best of all, these systems can easily be implemented into your existing infrastructure. To learn more, please visit: […]